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5 Hidden Gems: What makes my Board Games Collection Standout

Hidden gems, these great games set your collection apart from others. In the thousands of different games available to you, how do you find these games that make your personal collection unique? For me, I’ve had great luck with recommendations from our local game store and playing unique games at friend’s homes.

Hidden Gems

After reviewing our game collection, I came up with 5 hidden gem games. In no particular order:

  1. Steampunk Rally
  2. Brew Crafters
  3. Starving Artists
  4. Gearworks
  5. Isle of Skye

Kickstart Monday: Two Great Games for You to Investigate

It’s Kickstart Monday time! This week we dive into paranormal investigations, espionage, and most importantly two great crowdfunding projects.

Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions and Dice Game

Courtesy of the Kickstarter Project

Hellboy: The Board Game from Mantic Games features the titular character and his associates leading paranormal investigations into the big, bad, and weird. The original game featured the players taking on the role of one of the investigators and going through a narrative that would reveal itself on a mission. As they would progress further there would be villains to be over come, new clues and advancements in the story, and ultimately a big boss fight at the end.

While there are plenty of missions in the box and a number of expansions to take your games further available this project introduces new content, miniatures, cards and stories you can play. It also introduces a whole new dice game that you can play as a quick filler between your games of Hellboy. If you are a fan of the comics or movies, like bashing your way through rooms of creepy baddies, or just need another cooperative game in your collection then you should check out this project.

Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition

Courtesy of their Kickstarter Project Page

Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition from Everything Epic is a game about creating an epic spy thriller in a board game. Playing with 1-4 players, each player takes on the role of a secret agent and must locate Dr. Lobo before it’s too late. Acquire spy gear, skills, gadgets, and allies to help you along the way. If you can make it to the end, then you are sure to face the doctor in what should feel like the final scene in any spy thriller you have seen.

This game has been out for a long time, but this will be a new version with updated artwork and graphic design, updated gameplay, and greater emphasis on the story of the game. If you like big action spy movies with a dastardly villain than this game might be right for you.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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Kickstart Monday: Build the Greatest Empire as the Heroes Rise

Welcome to Kickstart Monday. Your weekly spot where we feature two amazing crowdfunding projects that you will want to consider supporting. Let’s take a look at this Kickstart Monday projects!

After the Empire – Deluxe Version Reprint

Game Box

After the Empire from Grey Fox Games features a unique castle defense/worker placement set of mechanics allowing you to dive into a very thematic game experience. Our very own Justin just reviewed this game and is very excited about this game.

This is a great way for you to get a copy of the game or to order the deluxe version that won’t be available for retail. The deluxe version features a number of upgraded components. The biggest being the upgraded soldier tokens. These are just wooden blocks in the standard version, but actually are small figures for the deluxe. Other upgraded components include plastic wood and iron cubes, food token upgrades, component trays and more.

This game is certain to delight those of us who love castle sieges, worker placement, and good strategy games.

7 Moons: Heroes of Dragon Reach

Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

7 Moons: Heroes of Dragon Reach from Gunpowder Studios advertises as a family board game set in a world of dragons and monsters for 1-4 players. You will take on the role of a royal emissary who is charged with the defense of the land. Gather resources, recruit allies, fill your war chest, and complete quests to stop the shadow army from ruling the day.

During the game you will move about the game board rolling dice to indicate your movement. You can move more quickly on horse or dragon back, should you be fortunate enough to gather the service of a noble steed. As you move about you will engage in encounters that will drive a narritive into the game of quests and other interactions.

In addition, you can play this game today on Tabletopia and give it a try before you back. If you want a lighter game you can play with your family and enjoy a fantasy adventure game then this is worth taking a look.

Did we miss your favorite project?

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After the Empire: Epic Kingdoms Await You

After the Empire is a unique Tower Defense/Worker Placement game from Grey Fox Games. Players will build up their castle defenses and hire soldiers and mercenaries to defend against the ever-growing threat of invaders. Will you be able to build the wealthiest kingdom by the end of seven rounds? Lets find out in this review of After the Empire!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Playtime: 90 minutes
  • Publisher: Grey Fox Games
  • Designers: Evan Halbert, Ryan Mauk

Kickstart Monday: Amazing Projects for You to Unite and Survive

It may not be Monday, but it’s still time for this week’s look at crowd funding projects. This week we’ll take a look at two board games that are live on Kickstarter right now.

Marvel United: X-Men

Courtesy of the Kickstarter Project

Marvel United: X-Men from CMON Games adds your favorite mutants from the Marvel comic universe to the all ready popular Marvel United game. You can pick up either the base game or the base game plus expansion. Of course, with CMON Games there are always plenty of stretch goals and other exclusives that will only be available via this Kickstarter.

If you aren’t familiar with the game this is a card driven tableau building game. Both player and villain cards will be added to the story line. When cards are added there will be effects from those cards. You will be able to combine different cards in the story line to do even greater effects. Ultimately, you will need to rescue civilians, defeat thugs, and make your way to take on whatever villain you are taking on.

If you have what it takes to face down the like of Magneto or Apocalypse then you should definitely back this project!

Board Royale: Survival Evolved

Courtesy of the Kickstarter Project

Board Royale: Survival Evolved from Arvis Games is back for it’s second printing with added expansions for new game play experiences. Expect a heavy player interaction/elimination game of playing cards to attack opponents until there is only one player remaining. The second printing will incorporate a number of changes that were provided since the release of the game.

In addition, new expansions are now added. The Wild Hunt adds various beasts. The Zombie expansion adds, well, zombies of course. Add onto that new missions, skills and secret weapons will build on the game with even more possibilities.

If you love aggressive, card driven games where inevitably you will crush your opponents to be the lone survivor then this game is worth checking out.

Did we miss your favorite project?

If you find these interesting or want some attention on a Kickstarter or other crowd funding project that you would like to read more about please share your thoughts with us via our social media or at our email.

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