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Month: October 2012

Episode 22a: The Long Night

Episode 22

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our Extra-Life fundraiser campaign. Your donations will go a long way to making some children’s lives very, very bright.

Your reward for your donations, is this episode. At hour 21ish, Paul and I started a game of Warhammer Fantasy battles and had a great and glorious battle. Listen to our jabs, our laughs, our tactical brilliance and our missed rules! Most importantly, enjoy the sound of dice and fun that we both had and enjoy.

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Rock Con Raider

Hey folks, we are setting up for the Rock Con raider tournament right now. If you are interested in checking out the scoring, here’s the link to the scoring spreadsheet we are using:

RockCon Raider Scoring

Here’s a link to the Rock-Con website as well: Rock Con

Episode 21: Monster Mash

Episode 21

The hosts talk about nasty foul beasties, gribblies, and other assorted Monsters in this show. It was a great discussion about the various monsters made available by Storm of Magic and Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos. We also have an interview with Scott Kraeger from Prism Gaming. Make sure you check out all of their great paint line and all of their game accessories after checking that interview out. Finally, Conesy recaps his experience at Bugman’s Oktoberfest, a Warhammer tournament in LaCrosse Wisconsin.

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Episode 20: Terrain Workshop

Episode 20

Another milestone show for our intrepid duo. About a month before recording the hosts started work on a terrain projects for this episode and recap their progress and work on this show. As well, there is a good discussion about using Hirst Arts blocks, and a couple of other terrain projects thrown in for good measure. Find out who completes their goals and who came up a little short.

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As a special plug for this episode, please check out Miel Vermeulen’s first book titled the Loverboy which you can find on on Amazon. It is for Kindle only currently, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out.

Also, don’t forget to check out our show sponsors. I have to say that DT-20 dice tower I picked up from Prism Gaming is the handiest thing I have picked up for using in my Warhammer games since the spell cards came out.

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