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Month: October 2013

Rock-Con 2013 Final Results

Name Paint Battle Total Army Opponents
John McCarthy (W) 1 2 3 Dark Elves Ben Richardson
Ben Cone (W – Ringer) 1 0 1 Dark Elves Chad Lathrop
Jim Maslanka 0 8 8 Ogre Kingdoms Brian Kuehni, James Nelson, Patrick Tyne
Patrick Tyne 0 0 0 Vampire Counts Kenny Lull, Shad Staples, Jim Maslanka
Shad Staples 3 8 11 Skaven Mark Vittone, Patrick Tyne, Chad Lathrop
Chad Lathrop 0 6 6 Orcs and Goblins Ben Cone, Kenny Lull, Shad Staples
Brian Kuehni 0 4 4 Vampire Counts Jim Maslanka, Mark Vittone, James Nelson
James Nelson 3 4 7 Dwarfs Trevor Richardson, Jim Maslanka, Brian Kuehni
Kenny Lull 3 6 9 Dwarfs Patrick Tyne, Chad Lathrop, Ben Richardson
Ben Richardson 3 8 11 Ogre Kingdoms John McCarthy, Trevor Richardson, Kenny Lull
Mark Vittone 3 8 11 Daemons of Chaos Shad Staples, Brian Kuehni, Trevor Richardson
Trevor Richardson 0 10 10 Beastmen James Nelson, Ben Richardson, Mark Vittone

Rock-Con Round 3 Pairings

Rock-Con 2013 Pairings are official.

Name Army Total Table 3
John McCarthy (W) Dark Elves 3  
Ben Cone (W) Dark Elves 1  
Jim Maslanka Ogre Kingdoms 4 1
Patrick Tyne Vampire Counts 0 1
Shad Staples Skaven 6 2
Chad Lathrop Orcs and Goblins 6 2
Brian Kuehni Vampire Counts 4 3
James Nelson Dwarfs 2 3
Kenny Lull Dwarfs 8 4
Ben Richardson Ogre Kingdoms 6 4
Mark Vittone Daemons of Chaos 10 5
Trevor Richardson Beastmen 6 5

Rock-Con 2013 Gallery

Check out the pictures of Rock-Con gaming in our gallery.

Rock-Con 2013 Gallery

Rock Con – Round 2 Pairings

Pairings are now official. Table numbers are assigned randomly and do not reflect overall score.

Name Army Battle Table 2
John McCarthy (W) Dark Elves 2  
Ben Cone (W) Dark Elves 0  
Jim Maslanka Ogre Kingdoms 0 1
James Nelson Dwarfs 0 1
Trevor Richardson Beastmen 4 2
Ben Richardson Ogre Kingdoms 2 2
Patrick Tyne Vampire Counts 0 3
Shad Staples Skaven 0 3
Brian Kuehni Vampire Counts 4 4
Mark Vittone Daemons of Chaos 4 4
Chad Lathrop Orcs and Goblins 4 5
Kenny Lull Dwarfs 4 5

Episode 41: Still Here

Episode 41

In episode 41 there is plenty to talk about as our hosts catch up on another long break between recording sessions with plenty of events and gaming going on. Hobby projects are talked about and like usual, Conesy’s couldn’t sit on one army project for long so find out what’s new that he’s been working on.

In other news, the Dark Elves which were just released before recording are talked about with all of the new kits that came out at launch and the cool models and some early thoughts about the list are covered. We try not to cover the new books this much when they first come out because there are plenty of other shows that do this all at the same time but if you like us to do this for other books, please let us know. Conesy couldn’t contain himself in this episode.

Finally we catch up on our progress after another day of hobby and terrain projects is in the books.

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the new Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to [email protected]. We would love to hear your terrain questions.

Current Episode


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