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Month: April 2014

Ra’Menaptra – Tomb King Display Board

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So, thought ol’ Conesy was done with Tomb Kings, well think again. Back when I started the Tomb King army and ended up with the deal to purchase what is the bulk of my collection today I wanted to do something that looked more authentic, more dynamic and had some basing concepts for more unique and deeply edged in real life egypt. This article on the Flames of War website, Flames of War Desert Basing was the inspiration for that basing. When I had the basing down and had a few models done, I thought it would be great to really pull together a mountainous terrain display board some day for this army.

Researching for possible mountainous tombs that were actually used by the ancient Egyptians, I kept coming back to the idea of Petra. If you don’t know about Petra, then take a quick Google image search. It’s been used in several major motion pictures as well, so it’s pretty recognizable and dates back to the ancient world. One of the pictures of Petra that I found really captures what I thought would look cool and work well with my army.

Episode 48: The Mighty Jungle

Episode 48

Joined by friend and host of the podcast Combat Phase, the hosts are together again to break down the Lizardman army book. Not everything is quite so quiet in the mighty jungle. Find out what the hosts think works and what the hosts think don’t. With plenty of dinosaurs to choose from, you’ll need to sort out which ones to use to thunderstomp your way to victory!

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to [email protected]. We would love to hear your questions.

Current Episode


Rolling the Dice for Dungeon Roll

Dungeon Roll

Dungeon Roll is an interesting game with some unique components. In the game, you muster an adventuring party for 3 ‘delves’ into the dungeon. Your party is built from a set number of dice that you roll at the start of your turn. One of the other players then takes control of the monsters. You then start your delve with level 1 of the dungeon and try to see if you can make it through level 10 of the dungeon. For each level, the player controlling the monsters rolls one dice for each level. If you can defeat what is rolled, you can choose to advance or take your winnings and run. In order to defeat monsters and open chests, it requires using up your hero dice in your party so you have a bit of limited resources.

On top of that, each player starts the game as some unique character. It could be a tough as nails viking or a stout and stubborn dwarf. There are a lot to choose from, especially for those of us that originally backed the Kickstarter. This character gives you special abilities that you can use while you are on your delve. Perhaps when the dragon is woke up, you can escape for free or you get to use an extra dice when generating your adventuring party!

Episode 47: Tending the Grove

Episode 47

No, this isn’t an episode about Wood Elves. Our hosts are joined by friend and one of the hosts of the Combat Phase Podcast Kenny Lull to talk about what it takes to really build and maintain a local Warhammer scene. This has been an ongoing effort for the group here in Madison for the past few years and it feels like it is finally turning the corner. We get together and share some of our thoughts on success.

Also, we have a featured game in our Gaming Spotlight. The game is Zombicide, and if you haven’t heard of this zombie horror survival game then make sure you listen to this segment. Not only do we give our thoughts, but we give an overview of the game play and discuss the components.

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to [email protected]. We would love to hear your questions.

Current Episode


Lizardmen: WIP Bastiladon

[singlepic id=824 w= h= float=left]This is the latest project I have been working on. I picked him up on Sunday, March 30th and went quickly to work building the model so I could use it Monday night at our regular Warhammer night. In his first game, he performed about average, but I forgot his bound spell and it probably cost me big against Brian’s retooled Vampire Counts army that featured much more Ethereal models then I had seen previously.

Big focus with the paint is right now to work up the armor plates in that stormy blue-gray. The key here has been a large number of very watered down layers and I am still about 3-5 layers away from what I think will be done. Once this is done, I want to complete the skinks and mount brackets and start working on the solar engine itself. When those are done and able to be glued in place, then I will go back and finish the basing and under belly brown scales and final details on the figure. All in all, I am really digging the project. While the model has great detail, I have larger surface areas to work with with is making the painting move along pretty steady.

Look for an update when I feel I have completed the back armor plates along with a rough walk through of the paint techniques and colors used.

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