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Month: May 2015

BABR – Soviet Union vs United States

This was my first outing with my new Soviet Union army and and I gave Brian a chance to be my first opponent. We chose to play 1000 points and rolled up scenario 3, Point Defense. If your not familiar with Bolt Action, it’s a World War 2 (WW2) miniatures wargame using 28mm figures. If you think games like Flames of War, then your on the right thought, but think a bigger scale closer to our Warhammer Fantasy figures. Most games are scenario based, with a lot of them using objectives. Point Defense is no different with a clear attacker/defender chosen. Once this is chosen, the defender places 3 objective tokens and up to half their army in their deployment zone. Brian chose to be defender with his United States forces and went to work setting up.

Brian’s forces set up with, starting with my far flank a Medium Mortar supported by an eight man squad of rifleman. In the center, an eight man squad of Rangers who used their special move to advance into the board. In the ruins to the right was another eight man squad of rifleman. To the far right, the Americans deployed a 57mm medium anti tank gun. Finally, in the tall, centerish building/ruins Brian hid his sniper with a great vantage over my deployment. I was able to do preparatory bombardment as the defenders, scored a couple of pins on the mortar and 1 kill on the squad in the ruins. All in all, not great, but it was better than nothing and I was right away fighting up hill in this game with a lot of board to cross in 6 turns with my mostly infantry army.

Episode 62: Eighth Symphony

Episode 62

First, let me apologize and warn, the sound quality isn’t are usual standard with this one. It’s recorded using a Google Hangout, and I didn’t do a great job of balancing everyone’s levels out of the gate which means that some people on the final cut ended up over amplified. Of course, if I would have had any brains I would have saved off the original recorded track as a back up before editing. It’s still a great show with some great stuff we chat about, just be ready for squeeky chair and over amplified Conesy.

That being said, in this episode, we talk about our favorite things about 8th edition. With guests Davy and Eric on as well as our hosts, it’s a lively chat and a great banter as we all discuss our favorite and least favorite rules in 8th edition.

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