2 Vampire Character Conversions

IMG_20140813_162702722_HDRI don’t think there has been a podcast that I mentioned these guys on besides maybe saying I had more plans for conversions after the hellsteed vampire.  I’ll probably mention them in Episode 53.  These are two vampire models I did some conversions on that were pretty quick and easy but made for some really cool unique models.


Vampire on Hellsteed


I think this guy was mentioned in Episode 53 which we recorded right after I finished him.  This guy as the title says is a vampire on hellsteed that I converted up out of a few different kits as there isn’t any model for one at the moment.  Although I was hoping I’d have it done in a week when I started I still actually got this done pretty quick in only about 2 weeks.  I took a fair amount of work in progress pics and put them together with my thought process in this post for you all to check out.


Jungle Basing Tutorial

In this post, I want to talk about my thoughts on doing thick, deep jungle forests. This is work I am doing on a daemon army project that I am working on, but works well on any miniatures that need a deep jungle base. Part of the goal was to come up with that kind of deep forest imagery, like what I picture in my head when I think of Fangorn forest from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

jungleBase-1 So, as you can see, this is the early stages of the basing. At this point I have a few different techniques and materials used here.


Noisy’s Workshop – A Mordheim Orc

Spent most of the last Paint Day cracking down on this bad boy. He’s a Big ‘Un in my upcoming Orc band for Mordheim. I’m having so much fun converting and painting for a system that takes so few models and really encourages customization. Da Fops (aka Orcs in Hats) are a real product of that: fancy imperial noble style clothing and garish, garish colors. Each of the (so far 7) models is getting a different color scheme, so they’ll offer quite the assault on my opponent’s eyes…WAAAAGH!

Ra’Menaptra – Tomb King Display Board

So, thought ol’ Conesy was done with Tomb Kings, well think again. Back when I started the Tomb King army and ended up with the deal to purchase what is the bulk of my collection today I wanted to do something that looked more authentic, more dynamic and had some basing concepts for more unique and deeply edged in real life egypt. This article on the Flames of War website, Flames of War Desert Basing was the inspiration for that basing. When I had the basing down and had a few models done, I thought it would be great to really pull together a mountainous terrain display board some day for this army.

Researching for possible mountainous tombs that were actually used by the ancient Egyptians, I kept coming back to the idea of Petra. If you don’t know about Petra, then take a quick Google image search. It’s been used in several major motion pictures as well, so it’s pretty recognizable and dates back to the ancient world. One of the pictures of Petra that I found really captures what I thought would look cool and work well with my army.


A Cold Blooded Change of Pace

Here you can see a skink priest I am working on. Still a bit work in progress in the assembly and the picture isn’t great, but fiddling with basing ideas and seeing what I can get to work. I am sure you are asking a bit of the same thing, what is Conesy doing. Well, there is only so much brown a guy can paint before he needs to do something different and this is going to be something drastically different. Bright colors and a drastically different pallet have me excited to paint up a Lizardmen models.


Conesy’s Skaven Basing

The Concept

One of the things I find most useful when deciding on basing is to think a lot about what environment your army is supposed to be from and doing battle in. A lot of basing is being consistent with your technique throughout an army and matching your basing to something that can fool the eye into thinking that could actually exist in the real world.

When I picked up my Skaven army last fall, I thought quite a bit about how I wanted the basing and army display board to come together and help tie a story and theme together with this army. I thought a lot about where the Skaven live and what their primary enemies are and came up with the idea that this army will have recently struck down a dwarf hold and that the basing would represent the ruined landscape of halls that have been under battle with bits of the battle and the structure of the mines strewn about.


Rocky Desert Basing Tutorial – Part 1

One of the bigger questions I have been asked is how do I do my basing for my Tomb Kings is how do I do the basing. I have tried to record this a couple of times for the Diary, but it just never seems to make it up to the web. At some point, a video will be out for this as well, but for now here are the basic steps.

The goal of this project is to end up with basing that looks something like the following:


Army of Ptra Conversion Sculpts

My Tomb Kings already has the start of having quite a few minor conversions and will at sometime include a huge one.  These are the some of my completed conversion sculpt work.

This is a really simple conversion I did to my Casket of Souls.  I’m not sure that people actually notice at all.  I just chopped up and reposed the birds to resemble the angels on top of the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones.

2013-02-20 11.20.47

This was my first real sculpting attempt ever and it’s not too bad.  I just added armor to my heavy horsemen.  I only did these six and they were in my previous edition army to be unvailed by the banner of the hidden dead.  I consider adding appropriate armor to all skeletons but that’s an awful lot of effort for the models it would be on.2013-02-20 11.22.06

This was my next sculpt, it’s a little more involved and actually took quite a while but I am rather pleased with the result.  I made this unique weapon for this anubi Ushabti.  It was inspired by the weapon used by Imhotep while fighting O’Connell in the Scorpion Kings pyramid.

2013-02-20 11.20.33

Tomb Kings: “Army of Ptra”

My Tomb Kings work was a main focus of my hobby for a while so it has come up many times when I have been on the show.  I have had this army for many years but like all the rest of them it is far from acceptably complete.  I have a few big projects in mind that I am yet to start and aside from them there is a ton of assembly and especially paint to be done.


Theme: Army of Ptra

This idea was slowly grown over time from my search for inspiration of what color/s to paint my Tomb Kings.  I always wanted them to be rather bright and, out of ordinary for Tomb Kings, untarnished/aged.  What would be the reason they didn’t succumb to the harsh desert climate? Also what color would this be?  I think both of these ideas came together when I saw the movie Immortals.  The gods in the movie dawned completely gold clothes/armor and bore silver weapons which I thought was pretty cool looking.  I could do this with my Tomb Kings!  The idea was more readily linked in my mind by my previous idea of the army being an army of a god which came from the Mummy Returns movie: the army of Anubis controlled by the Scorpion King.  Then with the Epirus bow in Immortals firing arrow of light it dawned on me to make my Tomb Kings the Army of Ptra, the sun god, and also including Scorpion King Monster/Necrosphinx (If you smell what the Rock is cooking!).  The Necrophinx not being a character model lead me to think who would general this army?  I also found my answer from The Mummy Returns, how Imhotep could gain control of the army of the god(Ptra) and Scorpion King, he would be the general.  Imhotep is a BAMF and I’m yet to figure out how to represent him.  It may be a special character; Settra, a Tomb King and Hierophant combined and wielding the Blade of Ptra but seems to weaken the magic not being able to include a level 4 at reasonable point sizes; Khatep also THE High Priest but leaves plenty to be wanted in combat; or a generic king or priest but don’t seem nearly powerful enough to be Imhotep.  Khalida is a cool option to double as Anuk-su Namun too.