Escalation League – Undead Legion Pt. 1

Over the next 3-4 months I’m going to be building out my Undead Legion army as part of our local Escalation League. I’ve not done an escalation league before but anything that adds variety to the hobby is ok by me. I’m not familiar enough on how others do escalation, but basically we are building/painting/playing 500pts/month. In January we’ll play 500pt games, February 1000pt, etc. And I’m taking on a pretty ambitious project with the theme of this army.



How I Paint My Ghouls

FINALLY…I posted my ghouls to the blog!


Incase you missed hearing it mentioned one of the numerous times on the show over the past year or so this is Brian following up with the painting guide for my ghouls.  This is the second unit I have ever worked on after getting my hands on the How to Paint Citadel Models book so long ago.  The step by step pictures in that book really worked to get me started painting. The technique is really simple process of base coat, wash, layer and highlight easy for any beginner to pick up.  While the models don’t end up anything golden daemon worthy, the technique results in a very good table top quality or I’ve be told even slightly above that.  Most importantly I am happy with how they look and am proud when I put them on the table top.  While this won’t be interesting or impressive to the seasoned painter I hope any beginners or people skeptic of their skill find this inspiring to get paint on their models.


Noisy’s Workshop – A Mordheim Orc

Spent most of the last Paint Day cracking down on this bad boy. He’s a Big ‘Un in my upcoming Orc band for Mordheim. I’m having so much fun converting and painting for a system that takes so few models and really encourages customization. Da Fops (aka Orcs in Hats) are a real product of that: fancy imperial noble style clothing and garish, garish colors. Each of the (so far 7) models is getting a different color scheme, so they’ll offer quite the assault on my opponent’s eyes…WAAAAGH!

Noisy’s Workshop – Battlefleet Gothic Bases

Swirly colors


For your viewing pleasure, today I present some bases for my Battlefleet Gothic ships. These were one of my projects during our paint day at Pegasus Games, and I’ve gotta say, they’re super fun to do. The deep space starfield effect was achieved with an old but still relatively stiff large brush that I dipped in the paint and just flicked onto the bases. White gets the heaviest coverage obviously, but there are also two shades each of red, blue, and yellow. I then went back in with black and touched up any areas where the paint formed a line splatter rather than a dot (originally I tried using an old toothbrush to flick the paint on, but it resulted in too many lines vs dots). Finally, a detail brush was used to add in larger white stars dotted around at random. The nebulae were achieved with a sort of blotting, stippling, drybrushy effect that I’m not sure how to properly describe, but each one only took about 5-6 colors advancing in a standard highlight progression of darker to lighter. While experimenting I found it very important to end by mixing your final color with white to get a very light shade; this really makes the final product pop!

Now I just need to go back and add heading lines to the bases, as BFG is a game where the facing of your ships is super important, and a getting an angle wrong by just a few degrees can be the difference between victory and defeat. Oh, and I suppose eventually adding some ships to the bases might help too…


Lizardmen: WIP Bastiladon

This is the latest project I have been working on. I picked him up on Sunday, March 30th and went quickly to work building the model so I could use it Monday night at our regular Warhammer night. In his first game, he performed about average, but I forgot his bound spell and it probably cost me big against Brian’s retooled Vampire Counts army that featured much more Ethereal models then I had seen previously.

Big focus with the paint is right now to work up the armor plates in that stormy blue-gray. The key here has been a large number of very watered down layers and I am still about 3-5 layers away from what I think will be done. Once this is done, I want to complete the skinks and mount brackets and start working on the solar engine itself. When those are done and able to be glued in place, then I will go back and finish the basing and under belly brown scales and final details on the figure. All in all, I am really digging the project. While the model has great detail, I have larger surface areas to work with with is making the painting move along pretty steady.

Look for an update when I feel I have completed the back armor plates along with a rough walk through of the paint techniques and colors used.

Finished Skink Priest

Finished up this skink priest project I have been working on and shot a few better pictures. It’s been really refreshing, and while not the top of my ability or technique, I am pretty pleased with the final results.

I will note, that I may revisit the basing a little bit. I have some things I want to try on a couple of rank and file skinks and if it works on them then I will go back and add a little more to the base on this guy to help fill that out.

I will also say that even after painting 2k of Tomb Kings last year and all of the bone that entails, I think I really learned something while doing the horns on the helmet. I still don’t think it’s perfect, I am not sure I could make it much better then it currently is without taking it back down to bare white and starting over. Fortunately, there will be plenty of bone to work on in the rest of the army.

If you have questions on how this model was done, or other projects that we have done please send us an email to and we will either answer your email or even maybe answer them on the show!

Conesy’s Guide to Painting Reds

As you can see above, the scorpions I painted for my Tomb King army have a unique effect on the maroonish reds and this is what I want to talk about.

So there are a couple of techniques I like to apply to reds to get a really unique look to them. I always start with a more maroon red then what a lot of folks do. For me, that depth in a maroon is a great base for whatever I am working up. Currently I am using either a Reaper Master Series, which I apologize but I don’t know the exact color as it’s one of their sample bottles but it is pretty much spot on the old Games-Workshop Foundation Mechrite Red.


2013 Painting Challenge

So, I have talked about it on the show. Ranted about it on the rant. That is the painting challenge I have against Andrew Sherman from OhioHammer have. Ok, so this started out as basically yapping my mouth at Last Cheese Standing last year when I said I was going to do the 365 models in a year challenge. If I remember right, Mr. Sherman said he just couldn’t do that and after some trash talk, the challenge was roughly born. Shortly after Merry Mayhem 2012 we talked and finalized the rules pretty much as they are now and started Jan 1st the challenge was on.

So, some of you have been asking about where can we see the scoring and who’s in the lead, what are the rules, and such. You can find all of that on the below Google spreadsheet that we are using to track our progress and you can see all of Conesy’s models that have been completed on the WiscoDice Facebook page

Skeleton Bowmen

The skeleton archer unit was the first thing I undertook with my new found painting confidence after completing my first model using “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures”.  It took my a long time to find the time to finish it so was my hobby goal many times on the show which I have finally completed.

2013-02-20 11.07.53

I have some issue with how my base color turned out and have tried to correct it but haven’t figured out what I need to do differently.  Although this is another not very good pic it is accurate that the base color compared to my test model is much darker and more brown.  I am fairly sure I used the same colors and technique and have also tried changing it but can’t get it to match the lighter more yellow color of my previous model.

These models also incorporate as part of my theme, the Army of Ptra, my attempt of painting “arrows of light”.  It is unfortunately really indistinguishable in the pic but I think it ended up well in color terms and I’m anxious to see if other people think I pulled it off well enough.  The inspiration for the “arrows of light” also came from the movie Immortals, specifically the Eprirus Bow.  I thought it was a neat fit with the arrows of asaph rule to have the army of Ptra, the sun god, fire arrows of light.

Hope to have better pics added soon.

“How to Paint Citadel Miniatures” Test Model

When GW released “How to Paint Citadel Miniatures” I used it to paint what is more or less my first mini and it was a feature on the show about painting.  Unfortunately it is not a great pic which I will have to see about changing but it gives you the general idea.  Like we said on the show the book really gave me confidence to paint my first mini.  The final product, although not spectacular painting award stuff, I think is very respectable and most importantly I am so happy to be able to put it on the table.  The big hump for me to overcome was knowing that I could paint something I would be satisfied putting on the table.

2013-02-20 11.14.42

This model was my first and the test for the color scheme of gold armor and silver weapons.  I really dig it and think it worked out well and seems really cool for Tomb Kings.  It has been commented that the weapon looks very odd/plain being completely bright silver.  I don’t want to stray for my complete single color theme and think the big axe is a bad example because of its large area so it shouldn’t be an issue on the actual Tomb King models.

Another tidbit is I actually chose a flesh color (Eldar Flesh) for the main color/dry brush layer but it seems rather unnoticeable being so similar to an ordinary old bone color.  I hoped using a flesh tone would create a ghostly semblance to the bone of a live person.  Maybe I should try painting a skeleton with complete flesh shades just to see how it looks.  I don’t think it would work but would be cool to try.