Daily Archives: January 21, 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

I have had a few plays of this game now and it’s great. One of my favorite games that I have played.

Pluses of this game: Miniatures are really quite good and it is classic Star Wars. There is some dice action, but over all the game feels quite a bit like Wings of War which I really, really like. Trying to get your maneuvers correct so that you can fire is the real challenge to this game which makes the game I think really enjoyable for re-play ability. We only used 3 ships, but 5-10 ships on the table should make a playable dog fight that will take a while. The game was simple enough in the basic starter and quick enough that young kid was able to keep his attention span on the game and he was able to start thinking about his moves in a way to try to get his ship into firing position. The turns with 3 ships were really fast and it only took about 30 minutes to get through the quick start game.

Negatives: Price point. I think Fantasy Flight has priced this game a bit high. The starter with three ships is ok, but it would have been nice to see the starter at $35 and expansion X-Wings/TIE Fighters and similar closer to $10. At that price, I think the game would be a hot seller and while I think a lot of people will pick this game up, at the lower cost it makes it affordable for 7-12 year olds who often have limited amounts of money when dropped off at “Game Store Day Care”. Additionally, while the movement is a part of what makes this game really great it also can bog the game really down when there aren’t many ships on the board and you are trying to line up those kill shots. We went for a couple of turns without a shot fired which slowed the action down and made the game bog in the middle and I suspect a determined player could evade really well.

Site Changes and Episode 27a

Hey folks, I have a couple of updates for you folks.

First, I want to point out some of the changes that are being made to the site. There are two of the original features that WiscoDice is working to phase out. Those two features are the Gallery and the Forums. The gallery isn’t going away so to speak, but we are integrating the content with the current menu system that is deployed as part of the main site. You should now be able to see a gallery drop down and see some great photos of events, models, etc. Eventually all of the photos from the old gallery will be migrated over to the new system and the old one will be shut down. In the mean time, photos in the new system of Merry Mayhem 2012 just went up. Find them from the Gallery drop down in the Merry Mayhem section!

Additionally, the Forums are going to be shut down. I am working to take some of the posts that were informational and put them in the Conesy’s blog space or in other areas of the site that are appropriate. We are making this change due to the lack of traffic and the plethora of other forums that honestly deserve your attention just as much. I apologize if you had content or blogs there that you were keeping up, but if there is material there that you either would like to have backed up or would like to see us still have somewhere on the site, please send your request to hosts@wiscodice.com and it will be considered. The forums will be shut down on or around January 31st, 2013. If you want to continue to chat with the hosts via forums, I highly recommend sharing and joining the conversations on the Wisconsin Warhammer Fantasy Battle Leagues forums at WWHFB Club Forums.

Secondly, I understand that at about 1:47:00 the audio cut out on Episode 27a when I had originally uploaded it. I was at Waaaghpaca all weekend and wasn’t able to get a new copy of the show uploaded with corrected audio, but I took care of that on 1/20/2012. If your downloaded copy of the audio still reflects this, please delete your original download and download a fresh copy. I apologize for the issues this has caused some of you.