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Episode 40: The Sands of Time

Episode 40

In episode 40 our hosts are finally able to get back to more of our standard format with special guest and original host Paul Wagner in the studio. On top of that, we talk about the new Lizardmen in our Cheesecurd segment and for our main topic we discuss techniques that you might be able to employ to find time, or at least to make time, when your constantly busy and you just don’t feel like you have enough of it.

We also have an Awesome Models you might have missed where we talk about Scibor Miniatures, and in particular their dwarf range. You can check out Scibor Miniatures and see for yourself why Conesy is so high on these models.

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the new Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to thecheesecurd@wiscodice.com. We would love to hear your terrain questions.

Current Episode

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So, How Do I Make a Forest Stand?

This is our second episode in our How to make terrain series. Conesy goes into describing steps to make a forest stand. Don’t worry, there is a lot more here then just talking about cutting a board and putting some flock on it! While a fairly basic project at face value, this video takes you more into the little details that help take your terrain piece from just a basic piece to something that really starts to pop and come to life on the wargame table.

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