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Episode 46: Taking an Alternate Path

Episode 46

Joined again by local Madison player and friend of the show Davy Calkins, our hosts discuss alternate models and counts as figures as this is starting to become more of a trend in the local Warhammer scene. The thoughts are varied from, is this something needed to stand out in the tournament scene, to is it even ok to do and if you do this what does it take to pull it off.

Also, we have a featured game in our Gaming Spotlight. The game is Hanabi and you’ll find out if it’s worth picking up this game as our hosts discuss how to play and what their thoughts are.

On top of game discussion, we have a great Cheesecurd question that fits right into our main topic.

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Finished Skink Priest

Finished up this skink priest project I have been working on and shot a few better pictures. It’s been really refreshing, and while not the top of my ability or technique, I am pretty pleased with the final results.

I will note, that I may revisit the basing a little bit. I have some things I want to try on a couple of rank and file skinks and if it works on them then I will go back and add a little more to the base on this guy to help fill that out.

I will also say that even after painting 2k of Tomb Kings last year and all of the bone that entails, I think I really learned something while doing the horns on the helmet. I still don’t think it’s perfect, I am not sure I could make it much better then it currently is without taking it back down to bare white and starting over. Fortunately, there will be plenty of bone to work on in the rest of the army.

If you have questions on how this model was done, or other projects that we have done please send us an email to and we will either answer your email or even maybe answer them on the show!

A Cold Blooded Change of Pace

Here you can see a skink priest I am working on. Still a bit work in progress in the assembly and the picture isn’t great, but fiddling with basing ideas and seeing what I can get to work. I am sure you are asking a bit of the same thing, what is Conesy doing. Well, there is only so much brown a guy can paint before he needs to do something different and this is going to be something drastically different. Bright colors and a drastically different pallet have me excited to paint up a Lizardmen models.


Episode 45: Games and More

Episode 45

Our intrepid hosts have been playing games, working on models and having a great time with Warhammer lately and sit down to talk about their experiences. Our hosts are joined by newcomer to the Madison Warhammer scene, but long time Warhammer veteran Davy Calkins.

On top of game discussion, Davy has been playing the new dwarfs so we have some thoughts on things that he has tried so far and how he has been enjoying them as well as input from our hosts about the army.

Finally, don’t miss our Awesome Models You Might have Missed where we discuss Mierce Miniatures – Proteanc, Fickle Lord of Uroboros

Make sure you submit your questions for future editions of the new Cheesecurd segment! Just send them in to We would love to hear your questions.

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Gaming Spotlight: Battlestar Galactica, The Board Game

Folks, you may have heard of this game, or if your not a frakkin’ toaster, then you have at least seen the show. Battlestar Galactica is a cooperative game where the players assume the roles of the most recent series Battlestar Galactica to try to survive with what is the last people in the human race. With one warship and a fleet of civilian ships to protect, limited resources and no time to lose, the players have to try to work together to overcome the game.


But, there is a twist…..


Gaming Spotlight: Dominant Species: The Card Game

Dominant Species – The Card Game

All right, Jason from episode 5.5 and 26.5 picked this game up not too long ago and I have gotten a few plays of it. I have to say, the game is pretty great. The game I think scales fine with more players, even becoming a bit more interesting without too much downtime between turns. It’s been great and it was so good, I had to pick up a copy for myself.

The game is limited to 10 rounds, in which players draw cards that are either an event or an animal. Animal cards go towards your dominance score in the round as well as producing resources such as grubs, meat and grass. Events play towards giving you a key advantage during the round, such as being able to produce more or force opponents to have their animals suppressed! Great game, not too complicated mechanic. It really comes down to getting a feel for when you need to hold your cards and when you need to push.

It is a great game and a great filler game for in between other larger games. It is especially great for evening game nights where you might want to play 3 or 4 shorter and faster games.

Conesy’s Skaven Basing

The Concept

One of the things I find most useful when deciding on basing is to think a lot about what environment your army is supposed to be from and doing battle in. A lot of basing is being consistent with your technique throughout an army and matching your basing to something that can fool the eye into thinking that could actually exist in the real world.

When I picked up my Skaven army last fall, I thought quite a bit about how I wanted the basing and army display board to come together and help tie a story and theme together with this army. I thought a lot about where the Skaven live and what their primary enemies are and came up with the idea that this army will have recently struck down a dwarf hold and that the basing would represent the ruined landscape of halls that have been under battle with bits of the battle and the structure of the mines strewn about.