Daily Archives: March 2, 2014

Conesy’s Skaven Basing

The Concept

One of the things I find most useful when deciding on basing is to think a lot about what environment your army is supposed to be from and doing battle in. A lot of basing is being consistent with your technique throughout an army and matching your basing to something that can fool the eye into thinking that could actually exist in the real world.

When I picked up my Skaven army last fall, I thought quite a bit about how I wanted the basing and army display board to come together and help tie a story and theme together with this army. I thought a lot about where the Skaven live and what their primary enemies are and came up with the idea that this army will have recently struck down a dwarf hold and that the basing would represent the ruined landscape of halls that have been under battle with bits of the battle and the structure of the mines strewn about.