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Age of Sigmar Starter Box

If you saw the video of New Stuff, Episode 3 on our YouTube channel then you know what I thought of the starter box. Now, I need to get this set built, painted and demo ready in 8 days after acquiring it. After figuring that it would take me 2 days roughly to build and undercoat it, that leaves about 6 days to paint 47 models. That’s roughly 8 models a day. Ooff.

Well, off to a good start, 20 models complete today. I have painted all of the Bloodreavers from the starter. These are possibly the most complex of the models with the most color changes, with lots of flesh tones, reds, silvers and bronzes. Check them out as well as the rest of the figures from the starter. I will keep adding them to this post through the rest of this week.

7/14/2015 Update: 5 Blood Warriors and 1 Bloodsecrator is now complete. Right on schedule so far.

7/16/2015 Update: The remains of the chaos in the starter. Chaos Lord, Bloodstoker, and Khorgorath complete.

7/17/2015 AM Update: 5 Stormcast Eternals wrapped up before I go to work. Just had to finish their basing from the previous night.

5500 Point Lizardmen vs OnG

Video battle report has been uploaded for the big 8th ed Warhammer Fantasy game that Kenny playing the Lizardmen and myself playing Orcs and Goblins. That is 5500 points per player, really probably closer to 5600 or so with over 600 models total on the table.

Also check out Kenny’s review of the game and coverage of our recent game of Age of Sigmar on The Combat Phase Podcast. Combat Phase Episode 104

Age of Sigmar First Impressions

2015-07-06 19.11.19First game of AoS tonight against Kenny from the Combat Phase podcast. It was a good game, enjoyable. Certainly not the doom and gloom that some people would want you to think.

I did find a couple of things quirky with how shooting works.

  1. We didn’t see anything that prevented you from shooting models within 3 inches of your own models.
  2. We did not see anything that prevented you from shooting, even if enemy models were within 3 inches of you (say from the previous turn combat phase)
  3. If a unit is on the top of a hill, it gains +1 to its armor for being within a terrain feature, but behind the hill on open ground there is no bonus per the rules.
  4. If a unit is behind another friendly unit and being shot at, there is no change to the difficulty for the shot due to interposing models, nor is there anything to force the enemy unit to shoot the closer target.


Video Series: New Stuff Episode 2

Watch Conesy chatter about new stuff he has recently purchased recently.

Featured Games/Products in this episode:

  • Stone Age: The Expansion
  • Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game
  • Tiny Epic Defenders
  • Dropzone Commander Scourge
  • Bolt Action: Armies of the United States
  • Rubicon Models Tiger I
  • Hot Wire Foam Factory
  • Army Painter

5500 Points Lizardmen vs Orcs and Goblins

Yeah, this is special. Giving 8th edition the kind of respect going out that it deserves. Kenny and I have a combined close to 700 models on the table. Ok, 400+ are just in Orcs and Goblins figures!

Kenny is playing the Lizardmen and I am playing the Orcs and Goblins.

Game is over and clean up is finished. Look for the video and more pictures to be added soon from Kenny’s side of the game!

Photo Gallery for the Battle