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Game Review: Marvel Crisis Protocol   Recently updated !

Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games is a table top miniature game using the Marvel comic books for inspiration. With the huge success of the property and the long lived nature of the Marvel Comic Universe there is tons of content for everyone. Especially with the success of Marvel at the movie theater many of these characters are becoming household names and are growing in increased popularity. For us miniature gamers who doesn’t want to put characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Punisher on the table?

With ever growing choice in the miniature gaming hobby though does this game pan out as something worth buying or should you pass on it?


Hobby Update 10/21/2020   Recently updated !

I have been busy over the past couple of weeks. I was able to finish a fairly nice selection of models though. The important piece is that you need to make time to put some paint on a model each day if you can. Even if that’s just 10-15 minutes. That time really makes a difference. I certainly don’t get that time every day, but I am able to achieve that more often then not.

For Marvel: Crisis Protocol I finished up Killmonger. I am really pleased with how his flesh tones turned out. He really looks like he can lay a solid beat down on any super hero in the game.

For the Batman Miniature Game I was able to finish several models and add to my ever growing collection. First, I was able to finish another version of Poison Ivy. This model is their multiverse model so you can also use it in their DC Universe game. She was frustrating at first as the greens just struggled to go down, but once I got past this she really came together. I wanted darker tones for the greens and flowers as I wanted to have her flesh tone a very light, pale tone. I think it worked out really well and the eye draws to her head, upper body and then works down the model.

Next I finished the Thugs that came with the Back to Gotham box. Thug 1 is a tiny little guy with his dagger while Thug 5 is standing tall and upright with his two pistols ready to gun down anyone. Of course, I think he’s more likely to be taken down with his goofy way he’s holding his guns. Clearly their is inexperience there. To round out models from the Back to Gotham box I included the pre-order limited edition Joe Chill model. He painted up pretty quickly and I am really happy how the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents looks on the table.

Final model I painted in this period is Scarecrow from the Batman Begins movie. He’s an older model that’s no longer available from Knight Models. I went out of my way to make sure I owned every model that they produced that was based on characters from the movies. He turned out better than I was expecting and really glad I took the time to finish that model.

I guess with 6 more models painted there’s been good progress over the past two weeks. I hope to be able to continue the steady progress and work over the coming weeks. Particularly I would like to continue to grow my Crisis Protocol collection so that the games I am playing at home against my wife will have more options to both of us. With 179 painted Batman Miniature Game models now I have a huge collection with a lot of selection. Still, with near 200 models painted I have a new milestone to unlock!

Zombie Starting   Recently updated !

It’s closing in on the spooky time of year. For this week’s Kickstart Monday, I wanted to focus on some zombie fun. For the first kickstarter, while not a Zombie game, the company producing it is Zombie Orpheus. These guys are best known for their videos, movies, and stand up routines. However, they are producing a campaign setting for your favorite RPG. The Fartherall Companion: Deluxe Edition is going to to actually ship this November. This campaign setting is for their world of the Journeyquest YouTube series. If you haven’t watched it, and don’t mind a little lower budget but fun humor fantasy series you should check that out as well.

Dead Through Time Part 2 – 28mm Undead/Zombie Miniatures is a porject to make various Zombie miniatures over the course of time by Studio Miniatures. This Kickstarter’s goal is to add Roman Zombie figures to their line of Greek, Persian, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Zombies that they have all ready produced via previous Kickstarter attempts. These are all 3D printed figures so expect the standard issues there, but the sculpts all look pretty cool and if you wanted to add some historical Zombies to a fantasy game these would do the trick well.

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at our email.

Captain Marvel Yellows

Yellow is a dreaded color by many hobbyists. However, I feel like this is a color I do fairly well. On the Captain Marvel model there are two different tones of yellow that I will actually do. First, there is the blonde hair color that I want to have distinctly different than the the yellow bits around her costume. Both tones will start out much the same, but then I will deviate in shades of yellow for the hair vs costume bits.


Kickstarting Games

For this week’s Kickstart Monday I have a game expansion and a full new board game to talk about. Let’s dive into it. Cartographers by designer Keith Matejka and published by Thunderwork Games is an extremely popular flip and write game where as you play the game you draw out a cool fantasy overland map of towns, rivers, forest and mountains. In the Cartographers Heroes expansion there will be new monsters, heroes, map sheets and scoring cards added to the game. For those that needed more content, this is a great add-on to an all ready great game.

In the game Frost Punk by new company Glass Cannon Unplugged boasts a game that will play out a narrative post apocalyptic steampunk world based on the video game. The game is a coop game that plays between 1-4 players, each playing a thematic player role driven character. It boasts Euro style mechanics and also has as the centerpiece of the board a tower structure that also functions as a cube dispensing mechanism. If the theme or the mechanisms sound interesting, please check this Kickstarter out.

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at our email.

Captain Marvel Face Painting

Continuing on this series of painting Captain Marvel, it’s on to the painting her face. For Captain Marvel, again I wanted warm tones to convey the plasma energy that she can manifest as part of her super powers. To do that I am going to work with warmer skin tone colors and utilize a slightly different set of techniques then what I have showcased when painting her blue and red portions of her suit previously.


Hobby Update 10/7/2020

I had a pretty interesting week of hobby and wasn’t expecting to have finished many models. I was quite impressed with the amount of hobby that I was able to actually finished. Starting with Marvel: Crisis Protocol I spent most of my time painting Captain Marvel and creating a series of blog articles detailing that process. I didn’t really realize how time consuming that would be. Once she was complete, I spent time painting up Black Panther as well. He was quick to paint up, but more importantly I am very pleased with how he turned out.

I have been painting mostly super heroes lately and I wanted to work on something different. I painted up Sabine Wren for Star Wars: Legion. This model is from the Rebels animated series and it took me some time to work up all of the different, bright primary colors. The end result feels like it really works. Honestly, it might be one of my better painted models for Legion.

Final model I finished Boromir for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. This model is the older metal version of Boromir that they originally released as part of the Fellowship of the Ring releases probably back in 2001 or 2002. I painted the rest of the Fellowship a few years ago and they are displayed on one of my miniature display shelves. For some reason I had never gotten to Boromir. Now he can join them in his proper place.

Captain Marvel’s Red

When I started this model, I didn’t plan to be writing this guide to painting her. She has a number of primary colors that I think make great foundational tutorials into painting those colors which can be applied not only to this model, but to other models where these colors are going to be used. In this article I am going to focus on painting the red areas of the model.


Into the Wilderness

On this week’s Kickstart Monday I am going to talk about two products that bring out the outdoors as it starts to get colder here in Wisconsin. First game is a game by Randy Flynn and published by Flatout Games called Cascadia. Cascadia is a game where you will lay tiles to create habitats to support wildlife. By creating the best ecosystem for your wildlife you will have the opportunity to score points and potentially win the game. This game looks really cool with you having to lay tiles but also solve the puzzle of how you can have your ecosystem grow and stabilize over the duration of the game.

The next Kickstarter captures the imagination of medieval knights jousting and doing battle. Norba Miniatures which is featuring cavalry models for games The Battle of the Ring and Fantasy Football. Part of the goal of this campaign is to create new knights that appear to be compatible with the old Brettonia miniature line from Games-Workshop. More knights and more designs there is pretty cool! Also included are undead knights, winged hussars, grail knights, questing knights, pistoliers, and so much more. There are a lot of different miniatures you can obtain with this kickstarter. Honestly, there are some super cool figures here. If you are looking to add some classic cavalry figures to your collection this is one to check out.

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at our email.