Getting Started with Batman Miniatures Game

Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models is a great skirmish game set in Gotham City and follows the major story arc of the Batman universe stories. I have been recently diving head over heals into this game with painting and building and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about things to do when first getting started.

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So there are a few things, going in that I would advise a new player. Hopefully, if you are looking at getting into this game, some of these thoughts will help you out. First, the let’s look at the minimum of stuff that you need to get started with your first learning games.

  • Models (duh)
  • Tape Measure (It’s a miniatures game)
  • Dice (the 6 sided buggers you have everywhere)
  • Tokens/Markers or something like that (more on this in a touch)
  • The rules (downloadable for free right now from the Knight Models website!!!)
  • Sewer/lamp posts/objective markers
  • Terrain

That’s a bunch of stuff. On the surface, some of that doesn’t seem like a big deal. Models, tape measures (now that the game is measured in inches, this is easy), dice are all things we have if we have played miniatures games before. Models is a curious one though because there is a lot of models out there right now. What I strongly recommend is that you start with one of the hero and support starter boxes. A kit like the new Batman kit shown below is a perfect entry point for models. These starters let you feature one of the cool characters from the DC Universe, like Batman here, and then some support figures that generally fill common roles you are going to see within a crew of that faction. After a couple of games, you can expand your purchases as you work up to a 350 reputation crew.

Tokens or markers are a big thing in this game. First place you are going to need to note things is in the planning phase of the game on your character cards. Each turn, you have to assign a certain number of counters to different attributes indicating roughly what the character will be trying to do the coming turn. With the new cards, you can sleeve them and use a wet erase marker to track this, but counters have been used traditionally (I am moving to the marker technique in an upcoming game). From there, you may want markers or tokens to represent some common in game affects. The big one being knocked down and unconscious as these conditions otherwise involve laying your models on your sides without them. Keep your models safe!

Sewer and lamp post markers are set up on the board in every game. You need 3 of each for yourself and your opponent likewise needs this many. I picked up some really cool ones from 4Ground to use, but for your first game if you have some spare 30mm bases you can proxy these up. There are some really cool things you can do with lamp posts as Batman is the same scale as “O Gauge” model railroads (or close enough for our purposes). In model railroads people build a lot of modern train layouts so there can be some really cool and realistic lamp posts you can pick up to use in your game. If you are really motivated, you could even get ones that light up and make them do that!!!

As well you have to deal with various objective markers. These can be purchased from Knight Models or you can shop around a little to find some cool items that can represent them. For the first game or two you can again use just 30mm bases, but there are a number of ways to make your own loot sacks, ammo crates and other scenics. Keep your eye out for some cool options out there for either crafting your own or purchasing objective markers for yourself.

Regarding terrain, this game plays best with quite a bit of terrain. Since the game plays on a 3×3 foot board, you don’t need as much terrain as say an Infinity table, but what I find is that you want 4-5 buildings with some varying height. For your early games, there are some really cool print and play terrain that you can print on thick card stock or glue onto the outside of a foamcore frame. There are a number of MDF terrain buildings out there and I own 6 or 7 different buildings from TT Combat and 4 Ground as well.

Then you want to focus on scatter terrain. Fences, barricades, concrete blocks, trash bins, dumpsters and other items that will break up some line of sight, make your city look more realistic, and give you some more options. Some of these can be pretty easy to put together and there is a bunch of tutorials out there. As well, remember what I said about this being pretty close to “O Gauge”, well that means you can look at model railroad supplies for that scale to add in things like stop lights, signs, and even buildings if you wanted! Finish the table off with billboards and you have a pretty complete table. However, if you have streets, you might want to add a few parked cars on the streets. I find that you can find some really cool deals on vehicles that are about 1/48th scale at toy stores. If you want that specialized vehicle, always check out that model railroad store for something in “O Gauge” scale. Nearly anything you want is made out there which makes creating interesting battlefields really easy.

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