Getting Started: Brave and the Bold

Getting started with Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models can be quite daunting. There are so many crews out there that just picking a crew can be a challenge. The nice thing, is for the most part, what models to pick up can be as simple as which ones look good together. However, in the Getting Started series I am going to focus on Batman Miniatures Game and specifically look at a crew at a time and give my thoughts as to what the starting point should be. The focus in these is getting started with the game, and not necessarily the greatest tournament winning and soul crushing lists. Each article is going to focus on ease and cost of ownership and provide a good first list beyond your starter box purchase.

Who doesn’t want to play Batman? Let’s face it, the good guys are probably a big reason why we got into this game. I am a huge Batman fan, though probably a little less the comics and more the big screen and the animated series. This meant that I was drawn to this game and wanted to expand beyond the Suicide Squad box right into the Batman and Law crews. Of course, those were a thing of first edition and now that we have second edition, those have all been combined into the Brave and the Bold. This makes one of the largest single collections of both resin and metal models that a person can choose from. Lots of selections though, can feel very daunting from the go.

Recommendation 1 – Start with a Resin Starter
Brave and the Bold will have two resin starters. Starters typically include 1 leader level character (you can only have one in a crew) and 3 henchmen (cops or Arkham Gaurds). At the time of this writing, there are two crews that are available. Arkham Asylum (video game) Batman with 3 Arkham Guards or Commisioner Gordon with 3 SWAT GCPD members. Picking up either of these gives you a good solid start to a full 350 ready crew. Going resin gives you a start without breaking your wallet. For our purposes, since it is the Batman game we’ll start there.

Recommendation 2 – Pick up the Other Resin Starter
Yeah, I just talked about picking up the one, well if you pick up both of the starters you will note something special about Commissioner Gordon. Gordon has a rule called Affinity: Batman. This means that if Batman is your leader, then you can take Gordon as a Free Agent. You are only allowed one of those in a list for every 100 reputation, but since you only have one free agent model at this point that is not a problem. You have a leader, a free agent or second leader, and 6 henchmen to choose from. Considering the average Brave and the Bold list is between 5-8 models this should get you to the table playing full size games.

First 350 Reputation/1500 Funding List
Now that we have models, and around $80 or so worth of them, but possibly less based on the deal you got on them, let’s put it all together for a list.

  • Batman (Arkham Asylum) 125 rep/0 Funding
  • Commissioner Gordon – 70 Rep/0 Funding
  • Arkham Gaurd 2 – 26 rep/$600 Funding
  • Sierra – 30 rep/0 Funding
  • Lerida – 36 rep/$450 Funding
  • Arkham Gaurd 3 – 22 rep/$100 Funding
  • Foxtrot – 32 rep/$200 Funding
  • Equipment (Heliport) – 0 rep/$150 Funding
  • The list comes in at 341 rep and exactly $1500 funding. There is solid firepower in the list by Gordon’s Hidden Sniper rule, the Arkham Gaurd with the Assault Rifle and the SWAT with the Custom SMG, plus the close combat power of Batman to help clean up mobs when they close in. It’s not a bad list, but you have to remember that in most missions you have to move and that you need to advance. The threat from a distance is real though in this list and anyone would have to be careful coming into that firepower with Batman keeping the shadows and rooftops safe!

    What’s Next?
    It’s Brave and the Bold so there is a small ton of things that could be added, but I am going to keep it to three of the current resin releases. First up, Nightwing. He gives you a second beatstick and is very straight forward to use. He will free up some funding in your list as well, giving you the chance to buy more ammo and maybe another Grapple Gun or Whistle. Next, check out Batgirl. She’s not bad, and is slightly less rep then Nightwing. She can do a solid job of getting around the board cleaning up henchmen. Just be careful she doesn’t go toe to toe with any of the big hitters out there. Since she is less rep, you might be able to squeeze in a few more gaurds or cops. Finally, if you want to check out magic or are just a fan of him, Constantine is a solid add in any brave and bold crew. It’s more rules you have to keep track of, especially in a rules daunting game, but he is possibly the best value in the game for what he does when used right.

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