Getting Started: Bane

In my second article for Getting Started crew guides for the Batman Miniatures Game, I am taking a look at Bane. Remember, in the Getting Started series I am going to focus on Batman Miniatures Game and specifically look at a crew at a time and give my thoughts as to what the starting point should be. The focus in these is getting started with the game, and not necessarily the greatest tournament winning and soul crushing lists. Each article is going to focus on ease and cost of ownership and provide a good first list beyond your starter box purchase.

With the Bane crew, it’s about powerful models that will dominate your opponent with strength. Bane crews tend to be elite models that play a very strong role on the table. Each one individually can be expected to serve their role and do it very well. With this article, I will focus on what’s available for resin purchases which makes your cost of entry in getting started with this crew easy and makes future growth expansions not too bad either.

Recommendation 1 – Start with the Bane (Rebirth) Resin Starter
This is just the easiest way to get started and comes in at a pretty respectable price tag that won’t break the bank. For about $35 US you pick up Bane himself and three henchmen to go with him. Right now this is a great way to get started with Bane and is the only resin option at the moment. For your money though, you end up with 278 reputation and $600 funding worth of models so it’s not going to take a lot of cash to get the list up to 350 rep/$1500 funding. From there, it’s easy to pick up any number of options to kit out the list. In this set you get Bane himself which is one of my favorite models in the range. You also get the Elite Op who comes with an Assault Rifle which is crazy good for long range damage and the Veteran rule so he can always move a counter into what he needs it to be when he activates. The next henchman, Stealth Op, comes with again Veteran but also the Undercover special rule which gives you some great up the field infiltration so that he can get to an objective early and start scoring you points. The Dreadnought Op again comes with that handy Veteran rule, but also gives you another solid close combat beater that is as good as many sidekicks and free agents in the game.

Expansion Option 1 – Going with the Prisoners
The resin Blackgate Prisoners Set is an ideal first purchase for any villian crew, there are a couple of really good models here that will add to your crew and will, by itself, take you to 350 rep and have a fieldable force. When looking at that set, you get High Security Henchman which can start the game hidden which allows him to be deployed anywhere on the table at least 4 inches from any objectives. Combined with Stealth Op, that can give you some down field control of the board early while Bane and your Dreadnaught Op get up the field. Tyrone Johnson from that prisoners box gives you a great lower funding model in the crew with no funding attached. Pop him through a sewer to challenge for an objective while Stealth Op and High Security Henchman provide early game threat. Finally, because you are a little light on downfield firepower, Gustaff Gustaffson provides a low cost model with moderate funding that has a second gun. The Carbine has the Assault:3 rule which allows him to move and fire getting 3 shots off even when he moves. True, they are only one blood each, but that kind of regular hits and blood should help keep your opponent thinking about sticking their nose out. This is my preferred way to go, keeps your initial purchases well around $70 US if you pay full retail.

Expansion Option 2 – Bird and Mercenaries
I normally wouldn’t look at all metal sets, but as there isn’t a lot out for Bane in resin currently, I am looking at another set of figures specifically for this crew. Picking up the Bird and Mercenaries pack gives you another 4 models to play with. Bird himself is a sidekick for the crew, something you don’t get with the above and can be really nice if you want to use your henchman with the resin starter but want to swap out for say, Dark Knight Rises Bane, since he has the Elite Boss: Soldier of Fortune rule. He also comes with Smoke Grenades, which can either reduce an enemy character to effectively not being able to fight or can provide cover for Bane as he advances up the board. Clover gives you a moderately priced short range shooter with his Automatic Gun. Diaz supplies you a thug with a knife that has a solid endurance, movement and willpower for a henchman to be able to try to snag objectives. The final guy in the set, Schoolboy, is armed with a Rocket Launcher. While only being a medium range weapon, the rocket launcher is slightly less funding then the assault rifle and still cranks out a nasty 3 blood. He should be well set to put a hurting to armored characters with their bulletproof vests or weaker henchmen, granted he can successfully hit with his ROF 1.

First 350 Reputation/1500 Funding List
I am building this list with Expansion Option 1 because I think it complements the Bane (Rebirth) starter better and gives you a couple of directions depending on if you include or not High Security Henchman. In this list, I opted not to do that so that you have a few more bodies on the table and a little more shooting power.

  • Bane (Rebirth) – 161 rep/0 funding
  • Elite Op – 41 rep/$600 funding
  • Stealth Op – 32 rep/0 funding
  • Dreadnought Op – 44 rep/0 funding
  • Prisoner 04211 (Gustaff) – 18 rep/$400 funding
  • Prisoner 47905 (Carlo) – 23 rep/$350 funding
  • Prisoner 93432 (Tyrone) – 20 rep/0 funding
  • Titan Dose Equipment – 0 rep/100 funding

This list comes in at 339 rep and $1450 funding. I will admit, I would like to get that 11 rep in there, but it just doesn’t work without removing one of the Bane henchmen from that starter. I feel like it is a little more thematic to have them in. However, you can easily swap Dreadnought Op for High Security Henchman who I think does a little more for the crew upfront. It won’t quite get you to a point that you can add anything else with the stuff you own, but you can look at filling that gap with future purchases.

What’s Next?
With Bane, probably the biggest buy anyone will tell you to get is Dallas. He will give you a second guy with an Assault Rifle. He is solid, about the same as Elite Op with some slight differences. You can fit the two assault rifles into the list pretty easy, but you are then limited on funding for other stuff so look for 0 funding add ons in that case. I really like the metal Blackgate Prisoners 2 set. This gives you more lower cost models that are all useful in a Bane list that don’t cost you funding. Coupled with the 2 assualt rifle guys, you have a very lethal ranged threat with Bane running down the field and midfield guys all ready taking position. This list is all about Bane and the best way to change up play is to pick up Dark Knight Returns Bane. If you are thinking you are going this way and want to run him, I definitely think you need Bird in the list so look at picking that up as well and skip the resin prisoners for a while.

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