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Conesy’s Diary: Episode 33 Gaming Thoughts in a COVID-19 Era

Welcome to WiscoDice!!! That’s right folks there is new audio to check out. It’s been nearly 6 years since Conesy’s Diary had an update, but here it is.

Conesy’s Diary: 11-11-2020

Conesy talks about things he’s doing to try to keep his gaming groups alive while in person gaming is locked down. He shares what he has been doing to keep that up including talking about remote tools that you might find useful.

Go, listen to the show!


WiscoDice has just joined Instagram. For those of you out there who use and enjoy Instagram please follow us. We will be using that to share posts of models completed, pictures of in game action from games we are playing and more.

Kickstart Monday – 9/7/2020

This started as a thing that I was doing on our Facebook Group WiscoDice, but I am moving to the blog so it’s a little easier to read and follow. The idea, every Monday I would find two Kickstarter projects that I am interested in, or that I think our fans would be interested in and provide a little background.

So let’s first dive into the Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of Wyrmwood before, these guys build amazing tables. It might be a 9 month wait to receive your table, but the quality is on the top end of the market for board game tables. This Kickstarter will set you up with their most flexible table option, and who doesn’t want an amazing table. Their pledge levels are a bit confusing, and right now you are going to have to wait until 2022 to get your table, but check it out!

Mercardo de Lisboa is a board game Kickstarter by Eagle Games with big name designers Juli├ín Pombo and Vital Lacerda. Be ready for a a game that has some real heft to it, but is coming in a smaller package. At $34 for the English version, plus shipping, it’s one of the less expensive board game Kickstarters that you will find me recommending.

If you find these interesting, or think I missed a Kickstarter that you would like to hear more about please share your thoughts with us via the Facebook group or at our email.

Episode 74: Adepticon 2019

Episode 74

Well, it’s been more then a year. Our apologies for that, but life happens. We are hot off of Adepticon 2019 and pretty excited with new found time and energy to talk wargaming and all of our other shenanigans.

Topics on this show include:

  • Bolt Action
  • Konflikt ’47
  • Star Wars Legion
  • Batman Miniatures Game
  • Other things we will be bringing to the show in the future

With that, let’s roll those dice! Wisco’s for the win!!!!

Current Episode


Gen Con 2016 in Photos

Gen Con 2016 was great and I had a blast. This year was the busiest year that I have ever had with three True Dungeon runs, seminars, hobby events, and other craziness. My biggest three highlights for the show were:

  1. Going in with the rush at the opening of the vendor hall and buying the new Malifaux Crew Box, The Queen Returns for Neverborn.
  2. Doing the Hirst Arts resin casting class. Short and fast, but I learned so much about resin casting. Both safety tips and product tips.
  3. Being a part of the Infinity Seminar for what’s new that was done on Saturday and then walking away with a model for free. I had no idea how cool the seminar would be and actually walked out of their pumped about my PanOceania troops (which then got me to buy more models…..hmmmm…I see what they did there!!! Hahaha)

So we’ll be talking about this on the show I am sure, but in the mean time here are a ton of really quality pictures to tie you over!!!

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