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Kickstart Monday: The Old Ones Wake for Ragnarok

It’s the start of the work week again. Time for a little Monday morning distraction with a couple of crowd funding projects to distract you.

AuZtralia Big Box + Expansions

From the Kickstarter Page

SchilMil Games with partnership with designer Martin Wallace are working on expanding the AuZtralia game with a big box and two new expansions. The mythos had previously taken over the world, but humanity has pushed them back to Australia. Now Cthulhu and the other great old ones fight back against humanity to desperately cling to their hold on Earth.

The base game features an exploration of Australia as you try to settle it from your beach head. Build military units, build farms, and collect resources. Combat with the old ones is card driven with different types of units being better against different types of monsters. Players play as different factions trying to retake (and make a profit) on Australia. Can you muster what it takes to overcome the last of the Old Ones?

On top of the big box for storage, the Revenge of the Old Ones expansion enables a player to take control of the old ones to make for a one vs. many play experience. Meanwhile, the TaZmania expansion gives players some alternate maps that scale the game down better for a 2-3 player experience.

Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Mythic Battles: Ragnarok

From Monolith Board Games comes another epic game with loads of figures, cards, and other components in Mythic Battles: Ragnarock. Based on the same Mythic Battles engine from Mythic Battles: Pantheon, in this game you will play out the epic Norse mythology of Ragnorok with various Norse gods and their foes.

What’s for sure to be included in this project are a plethora of well sculpted plastic figurines. What’s even cooler is that they are diving into Norse mythology. If the original Greek mythos wasn’t your thing from the Pantheon game then this could be more your visual style.

If this kind of thing sounds like fun, then check out Mythic Battles: Ragnarok.

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Conesy’s Diary: Episode 48 Breaking Down How to Paint Red for Miniatures

Dwarf Hammerers with Red Gloves

Painting red on miniatures can be a real challenge for most of us. On this episode of the diary, I break down some of my approach to painting red. With a little planning, you too can paint red with confidence.

I mentioned on the show this article I did a while back for Captain Marvel (Marvel Crisis Protocol). Here’s the link to the article:

Conesy’s Diary: 3/4/2021

Go, listen to the show!

Kickstart Monday: Detailed Painting and a Spiky Cheering Squad

It’s Monday and you know what that means. Well yeah, we have to go back to work, but it’s also time for Kickstart Monday!!!

GhosTiny Fine Detail Paint Brush Set For Miniatures

Jeff Beyer has launched his new project. This project is aimed at making affordable, smaller tipped paint brushes for miniature painting. GhosTiny Find Detail Paint Brush Set features 9 total brushes. That will include 7 unique round brushes, 1 chisel shaped brush, and 1 flat brush. Of course, like most projects you will have options to pick up the original set. There is all a really cool skull shaped cup that you can pick up to hold all of your paint brushes.

Chaos Pact Cheerleader Team: Fantasy Football

The Miniatures
Courtesy of their Kickstarter Page

Generic Miniatures has released their new project for their take on a Chaos Pact Cheerleader Team: Fantasy Football. You have options to back and receive the STL files for your 3D printing fun or with their partnership with Kazrak Miniatures you can back and receive metal or resin versions of these models.

On top of that, there are number of cool add-ons and stretch goals. That goblin hot dog vendor is one of my favorites!

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Kickstart Monday: These Goblins Might Need a Minty Fresh Game

Scouring crowdsourcing platforms for this weeks games was an interesting challenge. It seems that this point in January is a bit lighter on projects that caught my eye, but hopefully these two projects will will make you feel minty fresh.

Return to the Court of the Goblin King

Effincool Miniatures is looking to license The Court of the Goblin King which was originally from Flytrap Factory in New Zealand. This project, the Return to the Court of the Goblin King, is a classic Kickstarter that features a company that needs funding for things like tooling, contracting a studio painter, and paying for the licensing. To me, this is what crowdfunding is all about.

The models themselves are takes on classic Scandanavian and Germanic folklore of goblins. Featuring a Goblin King on throne and various other golbins that become the goblin court. On top of that, if you back at the right level you have the chance to pick up a massive resin Hill Giant, a cave troll captive, and a number of cool stretch goal models.

Mint Bid

Mint Bid from Poketto is the latest in these Mint games to release. Each game in the series features a small metal tin that resembles those fresh mint tins. We actually own the other games in this series. Each game is very unique and would be great if you need something small to travel and play.

Mint Bid looks to feature you bidding for various locations to have a chance to rebuild the city after a super hero disaster. You may find yourself working with a partner to outbid the other team, but beware, each palyer is working to win the game on their own.

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Favorite Memories and Plastic Treasures Await You in Dougan’s Delve

The Lords and Heroes of Dougan’s Delve

It’s been a long time since I spent time thinking about Warhammer Fantasy. At the end of things, when the End Times were upon us, our lives were changed forever as Games-Workshop announced the end of Warhammer Fantasy. When I set up my new game room I was able to put out the army on display (for the first time ever). It made me excited to think about getting the army back on the table.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Dwarf army was the very first army I ever thought about collecting when I originally purchased the Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition starter set. Yes, I was enamored with the valiant Brettonian Knights and the watery Lizardmen of that set. Indeed, even my first games were with those two armies. There was that glint of gold in my eye though as I dreamed of building that first dwarf army.

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