So, I have talked about it on the show. Ranted about it on the rant. That is the painting challenge I have against Andrew Sherman from OhioHammer have. Ok, so this started out as basically yapping my mouth at Last Cheese Standing last year when I said I was going to do the 365 models in a year challenge. If I remember right, Mr. Sherman said he just couldn’t do that and after some trash talk, the challenge was roughly born. Shortly after Merry Mayhem 2012 we talked and finalized the rules pretty much as they are now and started Jan 1st the challenge was on.

So, some of you have been asking about where can we see the scoring and who’s in the lead, what are the rules, and such. You can find all of that on the below Google spreadsheet that we are using to track our progress and you can see all of Conesy’s models that have been completed on the WiscoDice Facebook page