Hidden gems, these great games set your collection apart from others. In the thousands of different games available to you, how do you find these games that make your personal collection unique? For me, I’ve had great luck with recommendations from our local game store and playing unique games at friend’s homes.

Hidden Gems

After reviewing our game collection, I came up with 5 hidden gem games. In no particular order:

  1. Steampunk Rally
  2. Brew Crafters
  3. Starving Artists
  4. Gearworks
  5. Isle of Skye

Steampunk Rally

A strategy, dice placement game that has sentimental value for me. This was the first game my daughter took to as we expanded from the Cranium and classic Milton Bradley games. It’s not a traditional gateway game, but it was hers. The fun of creating a steampunk contraption that you race around and can blow up generates lots of laughs. Many years and hundreds of games later and it is still a highly requested game. 

Hidden Gems – Steampunk Rally Game Box

Brew Crafters

Hidden Gems – Brew Crafters Game Set-up

A unique resource management game about building the most successful brewery. As craft beer lovers, we have had a lot of fun playing this game with our other beer-loving friends. A bonus is that the re-playability of this game is high with the variability of recipes used and worker spaces that can be swapped around. 

Starving Artists

When I am asked for a beautiful game, this one immediately springs to mind. This game has copies of actual works of art you “paint” with translucent colored cubes. You race against the other players to complete paintings while not starving. As a result, there can be a bit of good natured or unintentional messing with the other players, just know it’s all in fun and part of the strategy. 

Hidden Gems – Starving Artists


Gearworks is a bit abstract with a twist on area control. I haven’t quite found a game that compares to it. Rules are simple, and teaching the game with new players goes quickly. Additionally, the steampunk theme adds to the fun of creating quirky inventions.

Hidden Gems – Gearworks box and components

Isle of Skye

Tour Isle of Skye on a tile laying journey. Wandering around a local game store one day, the manager suggested Isle of Skye. Since, I hadn’t heard of it before, but with a reasonable price point, I gave it a shot and was not disappointed. This game plays well at all player counts and great for game nights as there is a bit of something for everyone. 

Hidden Gems – Isle of Skye set-up

What Hidden Gems Do You Love?

Adding some hidden gems to your collection helps show off your gaming personality. Help others discover what you love and make them the stars of your collection. Let us know what games you feel are hidden gems.