Here you can see a skink priest I am working on. Still a bit work in progress in the assembly and the picture isn’t great, but fiddling with basing ideas and seeing what I can get to work. I am sure you are asking a bit of the same thing, what is Conesy doing. Well, there is only so much brown a guy can paint before he needs to do something different and this is going to be something drastically different. Bright colors and a drastically different pallet have me excited to paint up a Lizardmen models.


Looking at the model, I do feel like I should have re-positioned the model a bit so that he doesn’t look like he is leaning back and falling off the log, and may go back and do so. I think the camera angle to the model makes it look a bit more extreme. Overall, I like the way the base has come together and I think it captures a bit of that picturesque look of the Lustrian Lizardmen.

The model itself I have had forever, and realized when I originally primed it that I did a pathetic job of cleaning up the mold lines. I happily scrubbed them off. In all honesty, the guy probably should probably get stripped of the stuff, but what can I say, I am a bit lazy.

For the basing, I started with the standard 20 mm base and whittled it until it fit the base about perfect and with a bit of super glue, glued it into place. From there, I glued sand around it but didn’t cover the entire base. I left a bit of the front of the base, which my plan is to paint that as if it would look like water. Judging by the bit roughness of the top of the plastic base I am going to have to go back and shave this a bit down by carefully scraping it with a hobby knife. Hindsight is always best, and I should have done this first.

From there, I glued a bit of an aquarium plant to what is the backside of the base in the picture. This is the first time I have done this on any of my Lizardmen models. Overall, I like the effect. When I start to paint the figure, I plan to also add birch seeds for leaves and may look around at some other house hold materials to add more a forest floor look to the base. I also am considering sculpting up a snake to put on the base. That should be very easy and hopefully it adds to the jungle feel of the base.

Coming soon, I am hoping to get the old army on the table so hopefully I will have some in game experiences coming soon.

Till then, peace out.