Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, the WiscoDice team works hard to cover all of our favorite gaming interests. From miniature games, board games, and role playing games to everything in between, WiscoDice likely has an interest.

Host: Ben “The Conesy” Cone

The Captain of the Ship!!!

Ben Cone, or better known as Conesy, started out gaming with Dungeons and Dragons when he was 12. After a dabble with Magic the Gathering, he broke into miniature gaming. When the local True Value Hardware store decided to stock the Games-Workshop product line he dived into Warhammer.

Forever, that decision would dominate his destiny. Now with an extensive miniature collection that includes Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, Mordhiem, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Batman Miniature Game, Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Malifaux, and many others there may be no end to his miniature collecting madness!

On top of the miniatures, Ben fell in love with table-top board games. Whether the game is a complex worker placement, a deduction game, party game, abstract game, or any other types of board game out there it’s likely he’s played something similar. With an extensive board game collection that includes over 500 different games and nearly 30 years playing games, Conesy still has so much to learn and share about all of the games he loves.

Host: Brian “The Stark Raving Mad” Kuehni

Brian Kuehni, aka Stark Raving Mad, started gaming with Wahammer Fantasy when he was 12.  He was always into classic fantasy settings and was struck at first site when some friends introduced him to the game.  Initially started playing games with the friends 5th Edition Bretonnia vs Lizardmen starter set and their expanding collections. 

Eventually he started his own collection of Vampire Counts, which were recently split from the Undead.  Allowance money was collected and parents were begged to take him to Pegasus Games. Back then it was tucked in the back of a bookstore in downtown Madison.  Many long days and late nights on weekends were spent with friends hobbying and playing games.  Unfortunately distance between friends grew and there was a short lull in gaming.

The hiatus was brief though as he recalled a warm and exciting introduction on the store game night to the local community by Conesy himself.  Rediscovering their website and local game night he was able to join the booming local community as part of the Wisconsin Warhammer Fantasy Battles League (WWHFB).  He was very lucky to be a part of the community during one of its greatest times. 

Unfortunately things change but friendship and community remains strong.  Ben was able to introduce him to many additional games and began to play games together more outside just the local nights.  Camaraderie grew along with gaming and he eventually became part of the WiscoDice podcasts. 

Currently he still loves miniatures and Fantasy but primarily plays Bolt Action and Batman Miniatures Game as well as enjoying many board games with Ben and others.

Host & Marketing Director: Suzanne Cone

The Lovely Marketing Director

The wonderful wife of host Ben Cone, Suzanne helps coordinate all of the social media efforts. She’s provides all of the research into the tools and works the marketing campaigns so that the hosts can just focus on content!

Being an avid gamer to start with, her love for board games has only grown over the recent years. She loves board games, particularly crunchy worker placement games. She has also dived into miniature games with the Batman Miniature Game and Star Wars: Armada.

Host: Justin “The Meeple’s Champion” Skillings

The Meeple’s Champion

Justin Skillings is a long time board gamer and overall tabletop gaming enthusiast. He grew up in a wonderfully geeky household surrounded by board games, old D&D books, pewter miniatures and science fiction and fantasy literature galore.

Justin loves playing board games of all kinds. He enjoys a good heavy euro-game with a group of hardcore board gamers, playing 2 player games with this wife Anna and getting his 2 kids to the table for a fun family game. Justin also enjoys a good role playing game and has dabbled on the miniatures side of the table in the past.

Justin also has an love of art and design and does some graphic design in his free time, and is the proud creator of the WiscoDice logo. 

Some of Justin’s favorite board games are Agricola, Anachrony, Everdell, Race for the Galaxy, Roll Player, Mysterium, and Codenames.

Host: Matt “The Ghostwalker” Fahler

Bio is coming soon!