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NoisyAssassin Signing On

Heya everybody! Dustin, aka NoisyAssassin, here. You’ve probably heard me on the show once or twice, where Consey sometimes references some crazy project or other of mine. Well, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and figure out the blogging system here so that I can share my twisted creations with you fine folks. We’ll just try to ignore the fact that I got access to the site about 8 months ago but haven’t started posting until now…

Anywho, you’ll find that I’m a pretty eclectic hobbyist, and that I can seldom tie myself down to one project for long. So don’t go getting your hopes up too high for any specific project to be finished in a timely manner. You might be waiting for a veeeeeeeery long time (as my Ogre kingdoms army blog that hasn’t been updated in almost 2 years proves). However, I like to believe that quality makes up for inconsistency, so although you might not know what you’re getting, it should at least be neat!

As far as the show goes, we’ve discovered that Consey has the remarkable talent to almost always schedule recording sessions while I’m otherwise engaged, but I will be popping in as a guest from time to time. Gotta have some sort of platform for all my crazy talk after all.



Episode 17: Orc’s is da Best

Episode 17

The hosts cram in their thoughts on the best of the best, orcs of course! With coverage of goblins too!

Make sure you listen to see if Conesy and Paul can pass their animosity check or if the fan finally catches Paul in the parking lot!

Current Episode


Eccentric Armies

Here commence what should be an irregular feature I’ll call

 “Eccentric Armies”

I’m calling it this for two reasons.

1. Every army will be themed in one sort or another

2.These alternative armies are expensive, using the best themed models, not the cheapest.

Allright, so what army am I covering today?


So the first models that come to mind for fishmen are gonna be Kyte’s .  Kyte is a regular forum poster who has gone through Toll Forged to get his minis cast up, featuring character options for a lizardmen counts as army.  Check em out at the link here.

Welcome to the New WiscoDice!!!

WiscoDice, Madison’s very own Warhammer and Gaming Podcast! Started in January 2012 WiscoDice brings you into the world of Warhammer and other board games with Ben Cone (Conesy) and Paul Wagner (Pjschard.)

WiscoDice is based in Madison, WI. Ben and Paul and their guests will talk about what’s going on in the Hobby and what’s going on their painting tables, army lists, and wish lists. Both Ben and Paul have been active for quite a long time in the hobby, and having a large number of opinions on how things work in the Warhammer World and Tabletop they frequently disagree. This podcast will simply guarantee you passionate gamers talking about what makes them excited.

WiscoDice focuses on Warhammer Fantasy Battles by Games Workshop, but that won’t stop us from talking about other things like Role Playing Systems, Miniatures Board Games and any other types of tabletop board game. While both of us have a large amount of Warhammer we also have our own large collections of board games, everything form Monopoly to Settlers of Catan, from Checkers to Power Grid, so even those of you without the Warhammer bug should find plenty of reason to tune in!

If you have a bit of time, check out our gallery which features Ben and Paul’s Armies as well as picture from the tournaments and other events we attend. Our galleries are starting out a bit small, but expect them to grow as our armies (and photography skills) get better!

We are always looking into ways to improve the site and the podcast, so look forward to some new ideas and some old ones too! Next on the docket is to figure out how this video casting thing works.

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