The Grim Knight

Every year Knight Models releases a new, limited print run miniature during their Black Friday sale. This year’s model is a brutal, well armed, alternate version of Batman, The Grim Knight!

The Grim Knight comes from an alternate universe to the main DC comic books. In this universe, after the fall of his parents to Joe Chill Bruce Wayne takes up guns. Not just one gun, but lots of guns as can be seen on the miniature.

In that moment where Bruce’s parents are murdered, Joe Chill drops his gun and gathers the pearls that are bounding around the street. It’s in that one moment that this alternate Bruce picks up the gun. Fires the gun. Not only altering Bruce Wayne forever by changing that one rule that makes Batman so unique over other vigilantes. Bruce kills Joe Chill.

In this article, I review the latest Black Friday special release model from Knight Models. Check out The Grim Knight and see what he can do!

Unboxing the Model

The Dark Knight Unboxed!

The Grim Knight model includes all of the typical bits you would expect in one of these model kits. The model is 5 pieces total. A main torso with cape attached, a bit that extends the cape to wrap around the front of the model, the weapons pack he carries on his back, and the machine gun he is carrying in his hands ready to fire.

The Model Itself

The model is intended to be mounted to the included 40mm base. In addition, the model comes with a scenic base. I am not really clear what exactly he is standing on, but there were some slight molding defects with the one I received. I don’t know that you really need to mount him on it, even though I chose to. I might yet pop him off of it and do something different for the model.

The Rules

The Grim Knight comes in at 125 reputation and $500 funding making him a hefty add to any crew that rivals the Batman crew. For that you get a model with Batman stats – Attack 5, Defence 4, Move 8, Special 3, and Strength 3+. He only is little soft in the Willpower and Endurance stats with a score of 7.

Armed with 4 ammo, his ranged weapons deal an impressive two blood at short range with the firearm rule. That doesn’t seem that impressive until you look at the Living Arsenal rule which basically lets him adjust his ranged attack special rules to be much more versatile.

The Grim Knight’s Traits

His close combat weapon though is where this model may see the most of his work. Armed with his hunting knife, he is capable of one blood and one stun for each successful hit. However, he will most likely choose to fight unarmed with the Close Combat Master trait. With Attack 5 he always throughs 5 dice plus a strength dice for his attacks and rerolls on those attack dice. This makes him very effective at knocking out models!

The discount in reputation if you take him in a Batman Who Laughs team is a nice add on. After all, this is how he came into the comics. However, with both the Batman Who Laughs and The Grim Knight having the same real name you are not allowed to take both in the same list. This makes it basically impossible to build a crew with that team with this model included.

Who Might Use Him

I can see The Grim Knight filling roles in the Penguin, Organized Crime, and Riddler crews. All three crews have plenty of low cost henchmen to bulk the crew out and can really benefit from a model that is capable of dishing damage out. There might be a few options out there to fill the role that this model does better, but for fans of the character and model these are likely the best fits.


This model is so cool! I am looking forward to painting him up and getting him to the table. I need to do some work to build a crew around this model, but I am looking forward to that challenge.

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