Second game of  Age Of Sigmar tonight against Kenny from the Combat Phase Podcast. In this game we played 50 wounds with 20 minimum models. I feel like the lists started out balanced and was much more comfortable with the rules. I am sure that a player could still find a way to bring a very broken list with those rules, but this made for a smaller game that we could play and still be able to focus on learning the mechanics and deal with disruptions. When I say disruptions, I really mean the 3 players that came in asking about the game and what’s new with these rules and how they could get started.

Kenny being the gentleman let me have the side of the table that most helped me due to the fancy terrain rules, which is about the only thing terrain seems to do in this game. This so far, makes me sad because I love terrain and great looking battlefields.

I played my Tomb Kings in this game and played up the shooting component. Lucking first summoning cast with my liche priest brought on a free 20 archer unit which coupled with my 17 archers I brought in the list really helped decimate my left side of the table. Feeling the pain, Kenny rushed the rest of his force to the right of the damned house in the center of the board and used that to block off lanes of site to his stuff.

On the right side I tried to hold back some to try to score a chariot charge or two, but a combination of a failed charge dice roll (snake eyes for a 3 inch charge!) and Kenny getting the first turn. He chopped up first my Tomb Scorpion, then slowly my chariots. Here is where putting the banner in is really big because during your hero phase you just get a 5 wound chariot back for free really hurts. Wow! Just for a banner that costs no points. Yeah, pretty cool! Still he ground them down and managed to get 5 wounds on my Tomb King before I was finally able to whittle down the remains of his force in roughly 8 turns.

The whole game was still a bit of an eye opener, but I think Kenny could have taken a couple of opportunities/rules differences that might have made a huge difference. Undead though, seem a little tough with the summoning and command 10 so they don’t suffer from battleshock nearly as bad. Still learning this game, but I thought the basic rules we used helped make this a fairly enjoyable pick up game.