For Board Game Brunch this week we were playing in the dirt with Succulent from Renegade Game Studios and Dirt Cups. Come dig in the ground with us and explore this combination.

image is of Succulent game box, 4 dirt cup desserts and some succulent plants
Board Game Brunch: Succulent with dirt cups

The Game….Succulent

Image is of Succulent Game Box
Playing in the Dirt: Succulent Game Box

This game is one where you propagate succulent cuttings in an attempt to make the most beautiful succulent garden. In this abstract, set collection game, you collect cuttings and water crystals from gardens and use them to complete projects. Completing projects grants different benefits, useful in boosting your score.

image is of succulent game set-up
Board Game Brunch: Succulent game set-up

We picked this game up mainly for it’s theme, my daughter has grown to enjoy propagating succulents and we thought it may be a game she’d enjoy playing. The 3 of us had our second play through of Succulent this morning. Of course my daughter crushed us, nearly doubling my score. This game can be frustrating since the available spaces and projects can change quickly, leaving you feeling you do not have any options. At the same time, you don’t always know how the end game scoring is going to turn out.

image of ending gardens for Succulent
Board Game Brunch: Succulent ending gardens

The Food….Dirt Cups

We continued playing in the dirt with some Dirt Cup dessert. Easy to make, as long as you plan ahead (they really need a day to set up). With cheesecake pudding and Oreo cookie layers with some gummy worms added for good measure. The result is a fun dessert that was always a hit when my daughter was younger.

image is of dirt cup dessert
Board Game Brunch: Playing in the Dirt with Dirt Cup Dessert

Beyond Playing in the Dirt…

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