Birds of Prey Crew Box

If you’ve seen Birds of Prey, you know it is a story of strong, independent women who are focused on revenge. They band together to lend each other support when needed. Majority of the time, they are able to work independently. 

That is exactly how the Birds of Prey Crew plays. Unlike other crews that get their strength in numbers, this crew lets you spread out and have each character follow their own mission. Then to close out the game they band together and walk away into the sunset. The remains of a Joker (or any crew) scattered across the table top. 

The Build

Harley Freakin’ Quinn

The figures have expensive reputation points costs when building your crew. It can be intimidating to start a match with 6 figures when it feels like your opponent has double that number. You’ll find out that you had nothing to worry about.

These chicks are bada**. They’re fast, wreck damage, and can defend themselves. This allows you to play each figure independently. This makes the starter box a great crew for beginners and experts alike!

I’ve played the crew with several different crew compositions. My favorite build is the Bat Box crew. It is the most versatile crew, able to react to any crew and objectives thrown at it.

Your crew is 6 models: Huntress, Cassandra Cain, Detective Montoya, Bruce the Hyena, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn. The main equipment to take is the grappling hook for Cassandra. Outside of that, select the equipment that fits your play style and the objectives you have selected.

The Henchmen

Bruce the Hyena

The weakest in the crew is Bruce. He’s a bit of a sacrificial lamb with this group. Bruce would do better with a pack (like most hyenas). In this crew, he is a great protector of any figure that may get in a tough spot early on. He is able to perform a sneak attack and inflict some decent damage. This ability allows his crew mate to get to safety.

Detective Montoya

Unlike Bruce, Detective Montoya can search down leads, and draw opponents out. Her weapon is short-range, but that’s okay, as she can sneak up on the enemy. Her Undercover ability allows her to get in position early and go on the offensive. With her Detective ability, she’s able to zap those pesky suspect markers off the board without exposing herself. 

Cassandra Cain

Next up is Cassandra Cain. This young lady, when paired with a grappling gun, is a suspect marker dropping force. Since she is not an offensive powerhouse like many of her teammates. Yet, your opponents often overlook this teenager and ignore her shenanigans. With the crew’s smaller figure count, her skills make her nearly a must-take even in builds that are not the BatBox!

Rounding Out the Crew Box

Black Canary

Only the masochists stand their ground and try to withstand the Black Canary. With her hypersonic screams, Black Canary topples multiple opponents with a single breath. Combine that with her Good Night Bat for melee combat and you have a force to be reckoned with. If she’s coming for you, you better run. 

In the movie, Harley is a bit crazy. That is exactly how you play her. This character you make moves that you think would be fun. Do not overthink her, adapt to the situation at the beginning of her activation, and just think crazy. You will be rewarded for the results you see from her actions. With Harley, do not forget to use her special actions. You may not always be successful with some of the Willpower rolls, but your opponent will be on edge wondering what new horror you may be unleashing. 

The Huntress

And last, but not least is Huntress. This warrior with a vendetta takes no prisoners. Put her high and with good lines of sight, she will start picking off the enemies with her Repeater Crossbow. With her Master Marksman ability to reroll failed attack rolls, she’s sure to cause significant damage. If your opponent has a sniper, go after them with her Time Has Come special ability for a melee attack. They will rue the day they encroached on her territory. 

What’s Next?

Frank the Plant

After you have played a few games with the Birds of Prey Bat Box, it’s time to switch things up and explore some other additions to the group. If your play style is not very offensive, try adding in Oracle. She’ll help you focus on gathering intel by putting suspect markers into position. 

Another play style may fit you better. More into laying a plan and drawing your opponents to you? Try creating a crew with Poison Ivy, her plants, and Frank the Plant. These guys keep sprouting up when they get knocked out. Just remember that you need the small plants to be attacked so you can reposition them for maximum effect.

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