Simple can equal magnificent. We see that this weekend in our Board Game Brunch pairing. We paired a Spanish Tortilla with the game Alhambra.

The Game…Alhambra

Alhambra is a tile laying game where you draw money to purchase tiles. Simple rules that work to make Alhambra a magnificent game. As you purchase tiles to design your Alhambra you create a beautiful walled villa you are rewarded for economic efficiency, but have to balance that with they types of tiles you add.

In today’s game we played 2-player. With Alhambra, this meant a 3rd “player” was added that you also compete against. Which means the 3rd player could win. This often happens to us, but today, we both managed to score more points and I cam out the victor!

The Food…Spanish Tortilla

The traditional Spanish omelet is known as Tortilla. This is a simple dish requiring only three ingredients. Eggs, potatoes, and onions are combined together to create a magnificent brunch dish.

I found a recipe on Cooking the Globe and served it with a tomato salad using fresh tomatoes from our garden. A magnificent start to our Sunday!

And Beyond…

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