Board Game Brunch is back this week with a life or death battle. Dominant Species with a food chain breakfast. Which species came out on top and did Orla (the dog) succeed in getting the steak? Read on to find out!

Dominant Species - Board Game Brunch
Dominant Species – Board Game Brunch

The Game: Dominant Species

Image of Dominant Species with Dog and Toys
Dominant Species Game with Orla Studying the board intently

Dominant Species by GMT games is a battle for survival. Each player is a different species with unique abilities. (this game, Ben was insects and I was reptiles). Each round players place action pawns to determine which actions they will take. Spreading out your species, battling it out over different terrains, scoring terrain tiles, and adapting to new environments are a few of the actions.

Image of Mid-Game Play for Dominant Species
Mid-Game Play for Dominant Species

When playing Dominant Species, you must be prepared for others to attack you and your areas of control to fluctuate. Orla intently monitored our play throughout, I imagine she was fascinated by our cries of frustration when our species were destroyed. During our game we had several large swings in world dominance. But that great thing about this game is early on, I find it easy to regain control. The reptiles were victorious in our game.

Dominant Species - End Game
Dominant Species – End Game

The Food: Steak and Eggs (with salad)

Food this week had Orla (the dog) licking her chops. She felt, since she helped with the game, that she deserved to be top of the food chain for the meal.

Dominant Species - Board Game Brunch
Dominant Species – Board Game Brunch

Steak, eggs, and a salad with nuts and berries, gave us a sampling of what all the species could have eaten. And yes, Orla did get some eggs for a treat. We’re powerless to resist her cute face some days.

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