Board Game Brunch this week we got ready for the upcoming Monarch migration. Monarch butterflies have been gracing our garden in Wisconsin and are simply stunning. We decided to pair Mariposas with some butterfly waffles to celebrate their appearance.

The Game…Mariposas

Mariposas, by AEG is a journey through the life of a Monarch butterfly. You focus on set collection as you migrate north and then back south, reproducing along the way.

Rules for this game are straight forward, but there are a couple different strategies you can take for the game. Conesy and I have played multiple times and have found the game is fairly balanced with which ever tactic you choose. The game has nice, colorful components and a variety of scoring goals that change each play. Combined, they make this a lighter weight game that has a pleasing table presence and an enjoyable play experience. With play time around an hour and player count of 2-5, this is a good pick for a family game or when you need a break from crunchier games.

In today’s game, Conesy was the winner, after focusing on collecting waypoint cards. While I came up just a bit behind him with focusing on the end round scoring cards.

The Food…Butterfly Waffles

Waffles are such a classic brunch food and making decadent waffles at home is something of a treat for us. Today we added fresh berries and syrup and turned them into butterflies. These butterflies migrated off the plate and into our stomachs.

And Beyond…

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