It’s Sunday Brunch time, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to forget about last night’s fun. Saturday night was Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) night for many of the WiscoDice crew. What better way to keep the fun going than to play a D&D inspired board game and eat some homemade deep dish pizza.

Image of Roll Player Box and Deep Dish Pizza
Board Game Brunch: Roll Player Box and Deep Dish Pizza

The Game….Roll Player

Roll Player by Thunderworks Games is a game in which you are building a hero. This hero is formed based on backstory, character traits, and race goals selected during set up. These goals are obtained by players drafting dice and purchasing enhancements at the market. Even if you are not a D&D fan (like me), this is a challenging and enjoyable game.

Image of Roll Player Box
Board Game Brunch: Roll Player Box

This game is played so frequently here that we have all the expansions, which add additional enhancements to your character build, such as familiars. (Fiends and Familiars expansion) One expansion, Monsters and Minions, also adds a way to test your characters abilities as they battle. These expansions are just that, expansions for the game, definitely not needed to enjoy repeated plays.

Image of Main Board Set-up for Roll Player
Board Game Brunch: Main Board Set-up for Roll Player

In today’s game Ben created a Purist Wrathborn Wandering Thief that was accompanied by a Serendipitous Jackalope. I created a Free Spirited Magician Gnome that grew up as a Street Urchin. Her familiar was a Resilient Dragul Wolf. Ben’s Wrathborn beat the Gnome by a very close margin

Image of Winning Character Board
Board Game Brunch: Winning Character Board

The Food…Deep Dish Pizza

image of slice of pizza and roll player bx
Board Game Brunch: Slice of Deep Dish Pizza and Roll Player Box

A long time staple of my husband’s D&D sessions is pizza. Therefore, we “had” to make pizza for brunch today. Our family enjoys Chicago-style deep dish pizza, so as part of of pandemic baking adventures, we have been working on perfecting our own version. Today we used the crust from the Chicago Style Deep Dish recipe. Toppings, in order from bottom to top, included: mozzarella cheese (not pre-shredded), Italian sausage, onion, and yellow pepper, pureed canned tomatoes, and topped with grated parmesan.

image of deep dish pizza in oven
Board Game Brunch: Deep dish pizza in oven
Image of Deep dish pizza just out of oven
Board Game Brunch: Deep dish pizza just out of oven

And Beyond…

Look for our posts on how the Dungeon Master (DM) is preparing the Icewind Dale adventure. Additionally, watch for our upcoming podcast where the DM and other players discuss how the player characters are faring.

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