This week Board Game Brunch involved a version of one of my favorite games…Azul. We matched Azul: Summer Pavilion with mosaic Jell-O dessert.

The Game…Azul: Summer Pavilion

I recently purchased the Glazed Pavilion expansion for Azul: Summer Pavilion by Plan B Games and was anxious to play it. In this tile drafting game, you are working to create the most beautiful summer pavilion while not wasting materials.

With the Glazed Pavilion expansion adds 2 new player board designs and corresponding scoring tracks to the game. And the best part…it adds plastic overlays to all the boards. These are nice to keep the tiles in place and adds to the experience of building a pavilion.

As with our other plays of this game, Conesy soundly trounced me. I still haven’t quite figured out the best strategy to maximize point scoring and counteract my opponent.

The Food…Mosaic Jell-o Dessert

The Mosaic Jell-o Dessert, also known as Broken Glass Dessert, is a light dessert perfect for a summer get together. Since it was the first winter snow of 2021 for us today, it seemed fitting to try and cling to some memories of summer!

And Beyond…

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