Image is of Board Game Brunch - Canvas and Fruit Pizza
Board Game Brunch – Canvas and Fruit Pizza

For this week’s Board Game Brunch we were creating colorful works of art with both our game and food. Museum quality artwork was made during our play through of Canvas, by Road to Infamy Prior to the game we got our creative juices flowing by partaking in some fruit pizza.

The Game…Canvas

Canvas, by Road to Infamy is a game of creating serious or humorous works of art by layering transparent cards. The competition is fierce to draft the cards that will allow you to complete goals. But you need to watch out for your hand limit or you may be forced to create with the cards you are holding.

Image is of Canvas Game Box Art
Canvas Game Box Art
Image is of Canvas Game Set-up
Canvas Game Set-up

This is a fun game that players can have a great time making silly art. At the same time, choosing your goals can increase difficulty and encourage re-playability. This 1 -5 player game, plays in about 30 minutes and is a great pick for any game time. Our two player game ended with artwork the Scorched Anxiety, Chosen Trap, and Forgotten Bait scoring me 29 points. Ben’s Pointless Expanse, Improbable Mess, and Delicate Dread left him trailing at 20 points.

Image is of Winning Art Pieces
Image is of Winning Art Pieces
Image is of player 2's art pieces
Player 2’s art pieces

The Food…Fruit Pizza

Image is of Art Work and Artist's Palette Fruit Pizzas
Art Work and Artist’s Palette Fruit Pizzas

The creating of colorful works of art carried through to our food. For brunch we constructed an artist’s palette and canvas out of fruit pizza, loosely following the Pillsbury recipe. Such wonderful, brightly colored fruit served as the paint colors. The fruit pizza was a lovely treat for a Sunday morning.

Image of Artist's Palette Fruit Pizza
Artist’s Palette Fruit Pizza
Image is of Art Work Fruit Pizza
Art Work Fruit Pizza

And Beyond…

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