For Board Game Brunch this week we took a trip to the land of Godzilla. We played Kaiju Crush and enjoyed sushi from our local restaurant.

Board Game Brunch: Taking a Trip to the Land of Godzilla

The Game….Kaiju Crush

Image i of Kaiju Crush Game Box
Board Game Brunch: Kaiju Crush Game Box

Kaiju Crush by Fireside Games has you stomping around the city, destroying buildings and fighting the other Kaiju. Your movement is limited to the current movement card you have or the shared card. The shared card could change with each player’s turn, this can make it tricky to plan out more than a move or two. This is a light strategy game where attacking is part of the fun, and sometimes needed to move around.

Image is of Kaiju Crush Set-up
Board Game Brunch: Kaiju Crush Set-up

Our game ended with one building, the police station, not destroyed. Many of our fights ended in draws so I like to think our Kaiju were working together to destroy the city.

Image of Kaiju Crush End Game State
Board Game Brunch: Kaiju Crush End Game State

The Food….Sushi Takeout

To fill us up after a day of destroying the city, we opted for sushi takeout. Sushi being a rare treat for the family we opted for a variety of items. We tried California, Spicy Salmon, Shrimp and Scallion, Salmon and Avocado rolls. For those of use that do not eat seafood, we added Gyoza and Tatsuta Age.

image is of sushi takeout and Kaiju Crush Game Box
Board Game Brunch: sushi takeout and Kaiju Crush Game Box

Beyond …

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