This week we match up Disney Villainous with some Disney copycat recipes. Almost makes you feel like you’re at a Disney theme park.

The Game…Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous is unique game where each player chooses a different Disney villain to play as Each character has their unique decks of cards and asymmetric abilities. On your turn, you move character to a different location on your player board and take one or more of the actions on that space.

We played with the base game for Disney Villainous. Consey was Capitan Hook and I was Maleficent. This game plays 2 to  6 players. We’ve played at 2 and 3 players. Our impression is that this game is better balanced at player counts over 2. It was near impossible to Consey to stop Maleficent from winning this game. You really need a couple players to be working to block her. We still enjoy playing this at 2 player, we just need to remember to pick 2 characters that are more balanced to go head to head.

The Food…Disney Copycat Recipes

Disney theme parks have some unique and amazing foods. For brunch we picked 2 to attempt. We made the Disneyland Monte Cristo and Disneyland Dole Whip.

And Beyond…

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