image of Dual Powers Game Box and Syrniki
Board Game Brunch – Battling it out for Russia

Board Game Brunch this week Suzanne and Ben battling it out for Russia in Dual Powers. To ensure they had sufficient subsistence to start the day, we enjoyed Syrniki topped with caramelized apples.

The Game…Dual Powers

Image of Dual Powers Game Box from Board Game Brunch
Board Game Brunch: Dual Powers Game Box

Dual Powers, by Thunderworks Games is a 1-2 player political strategy game. In the game you are battling it out for Russia. Either trying to start or prevent the Russian Civil War. This is done by playing cards, placing units in regions or moving them and progressing time forward.

Image of Dual Powers Game Play
Dual Powers Game Play
Dual Powers Components
Game Components for Dual Powers

For today’s game we had a strong battle between my white and Ben’s red teams. Ben’s team ultimately coming out as the victor by moving the victory point tracker to the end in the month of October.

image of end game state
Battling it out for Russian – Dual Powers End Game State

The Food…Syrniki

image of Dual Powers Game Box and Syrniki
Board Game Brunch – Dual Powers Game Box and Syrniki

For brunch we tried Syrniki from Cooking the Globe. This was our first experience with the Russian cottage cheese pancakes. They turned out very light and fluffy. We topped them with some caramelized apples. The pancakes were accompanied by some tea with honey. A nice relaxing and indulgent way to begin our Sunday.

image of Syrinki Cooking
Syrinki Cooking
Image of cooked apples for topping
Caramelized Apples

And Beyond…

Next week we take Board Game Brunch to GenGon and will play Truck Off! Food Truck Frenzy. If you’re at the Con, we’d love to have you join us for the game! If you can’t make GenCon, we’ll be hosting a special Board Game Brunch playing Tiny Towns at Gamehole Con, be sure to sign up for our event or stop by and say Hi!

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