image of WiscoDice stickers at Board Game Brunch
WiscoDice stickers at Board Game Brunch

Food Truck Battle at GenCon was found in our multiple plays of Truck Off! in Exhibit Hall A and brunch from the numerous Food Carts on Georgia Street.

The Game…Truck Off! Food Truck Frenzy

Truck Off! Game Box
Truck Off! Game Box

Truck Off! Food Truck Frenzy by Adam’s Apple Games has you battling it out with your fellow food truckers. You pick the venues you think will pay big. A dice roll sets initial payouts for each, and then the competition begins! Players select from a hand of action cards, which actions they will preform this round. Your actions may increase/decrease profits or interrupt the plans of your opponents.

Truck Off! Game Play
Truck Off! Game Play

This game has a depth and can be cutthroat, depending on your group. Even with different intensities, it is a fairly quick game, playing in under 30 min. Which was wonderful this morning as it allowed us to play 3 games.

Image of Truck Off! Game Play
Truck Off! Game Play

Playing this at Gen Con, we were fortunate to have plenty of people to walk up and play it. Over the three plays we had plenty of player interaction moments. Those great times in the game where one person cheers at the table while the others grown followed by times where 2 or 3 players were excited because their food trucks had big pay outs.

The Food…Food Trucks at GenCon

Food trucks are a huge part of Gen Con. In our 4 days of gaming, most of our meals were found at the various trucks. Trying out a new truck for each meal is part of the GenCon adventure for us. Today, we had Smash Burgers from The Whole Cow. Quick, friendly service and a nice burger with just the right about of messiness.

image of 2 burgers, Doritos and GenCon Soda Cup
Smash Burgers from The Whole Cow Food Truck

And Beyond…

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