Image of Board Game Brunch food and Gearworks box
Board Game Brunch Food and Gearworks Box

What better to do on a Sunday morning than take a bit of this and some of that to create something new and unique. For today’s Board Game Brunch we played Gearworks by PieceKeeper Games and paired it with some Victorian Era Cheese Turnovers.

The Game: Gearworks

Image of Gearworks game box
Board Game Brunch: Gearworks Game Box

Gearworks is a Steampunk themed game in which you are trying to build contraptions with various parts you acquire. Described as Sudoku meets Steampunk, this 2-4 player game is full of area control, hand management and light player interaction.

Image of Gearworks game play
Board Game Brunch: Gearworks Game Play

I’ve played this game at all player counts, and boy does the strategy and feeling of the game change. For out two-player game today I focused on playing as many of my gear cards as I could each round and spending my spark on additional contraption cards. This really paid off for me as each round I was able to build multiple contraptions with few leftover parts. I did not focus as much on control of rows and columns for specific parts.

Image of Board Game Brunch: Suzanne's Contraptions
Board Game Brunch: Suzanne’s Contraptions
Image of Board Game Brunch: Consey's Contraptions
Board Game Brunch: Consey’s Contraptions

At higher player counts, I find you need to fight more for control of rows and columns. At the same time, it is easier to tinker and gain sparks with card placement. With no reading required and being colorblind friendly, you can play this game to play with almost any gaming group

The Food: Cheese Turnovers

Image of brunch: cheese turnovers, ham slice, fresh cherries, and coffee
Board Game Brunch: Cheese Turnovers with Ham, Cherries, and Coffee

Moving to the sustenance for today’s Board Game Brunch, food today were items I had not considered pairing together before. On the Little Things site we found a plethora of Victorian breakfasts. These Cheese Turnovers used scraps of puff pastry, which I just happened to have. You make a cheese custard and wrap the pastry around it. The combination turned out delicious. Easy, quick, an used up little bits of things I had in the fridge. To round out the meal, we paired it with leftover ham slices and fresh cherries.

And Beyond…

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