This week’s Board Game Brunch had us finishing up our Extra Life 2021 Campaign by mixing up some potions. We played Potion Explosion on Board Game Arena and ate Bubbling BLT Dip with a Color Changing Cocktail.

The Game…Potion Explosion

In Potion Explosion, published by Horrible Guild you play a student taking their final exam for a potions class. The rules are simple, you take a marble from the dispenser and watch the others fall. If marbles of the same color collide, they explode and you acquire them also. The marbles are used to complete your potions, you can then them to unleash their powers. 

Since this play was part of our Extra Life 2021 Campaign, we played the game on Board Game Arena (BGA) While playing online does not give you the satisfying clink of the marbles colliding, the animation in BGA is very well done and game play is still enjoyable. Today’s game saw me winning by a mere 10 points.

The Food…Bubbling Dip and Color Changing Cocktails

For food we paired a bubbling Hot BLT Dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything with a cocktail that magically changes color. The cocktail is a deep blue vodka, curtsey of the addition of B’lure to the vodka base. When lemonade was added, it changed to the magenta/purple color shown on the right.

And Beyond…

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