Last week Consey and I escaped the cold of Wisconsin for a much needed vacation to the Caribbean. The warm weather, the sun, the water. So what better game to play on the beach other than Reef? We enjoyed this game with some delicious snacks and tropical cocktails. Our regular Board Game Brunch will return next Sunday. Read on to see what we played in paradise and a few pictures from our trip.

The Game…Reef

Reef, published by Next Move Games is an abstract game where you are building a colorful reef that meets requirements listed on your personal scoring cards. With the large, colorful, stacking pieces, this game has a very nice tactical feel. Additionally, it requires you to think and strategically plan your moves.

In our game Consey did a great job of planning ahead and placing pieces to optimize his scoring cards. On the other hand, I was completing scoring cards for minimal points almost as quickly as I obtained them. In the end, my strategy worked as I snuck out a win.

The Setting and Food…

Our trip to a tropical paradise came complete with relaxing ocean views, beautiful blue skies, and friendly flamingos.

While playing Reef, we enjoyed a mid-morning snack at the resort. Dining on Dominican Cheese, meats, and pastries while sipping tropical cocktails.

And Beyond…

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