Image of Board Game Fort with Breakfast Pizza, Coffee, and Orange Juice
Board Game Bunch: Fort with Breakfast Pizza, Coffee, and Orange Juice

For this week’s board game brunch, we took our played and ate like kids with Fort and breakfast pizza.

The Game…Fort

Image of Fort Set-up
Board Game Brunch: Fort Set-up

Fort by Leder games takes you back to the days of building the most amazing hideaway for your friends and you. Remember that private place, whether made of blankets, sticks, snow or whatever you had at hand as a kid will be played out in this game.

Image of Fort Game Play
Board Game Brunch: Fort Game Play

Fort is a fun card game for 2-4 players. Through drafting and playing cards you make a magnificent structure, but watch out, your friends could be enticed to help with your opponents’ forts. Little did you know that the kid down the street had the same great idea that you did! Be the most amazing, popular, most successful kid on the street because you have the best fort and pizza.

Image of Fort Final Score
Board Game Brunch: Fort Final Score

Our game was a 3-player game where end game was triggered when my fort hit level 5. The extra points from a level 5 fort and winning the macaroni sculpture helped secure my win. The other two were not far behind me going into final scoring. This game not too many friends left for other forts, nor did the backpacks or lookouts see much use until later in the game.

The Food…Breakfast Pizza

Image is of closed Green Mountain Grill (GMG)
Board Game Brunch: Green Mountain Grill (GMG)
Image of Breakfast Pizza in Oven
Board Game Brunch: Breakfast Pizza in Oven

The beautiful Wisconsin weather (i.e. it was 70’s and low humidity with some glorious morning sun) just begged for some morning grilling. We chose to make a couple breakfast pizzas on our GMG.

Board Game Brunch: Breakfast Pizza just out of oven
Board Game Brunch: Breakfast Pizza Just Out of Oven

These pizzas sure hit the spot. We’ve tried several different dough recipes, the recipe found on Kitchn is is by far our favorite for use on the grill, bonus, it freezes well too. The cheese sauce is based loosely on the recipe from Buns in My Oven. Our favorite breakfast pizza toppings are sausage, scrambled eggs, onion, and bell pepper. We had some mushrooms and bacon, so of course had to use those on one also. Fort and breakfast pizza, a great combination.

Image of finished pizzas
Board Game Brunch: Finished Pizzas

And Beyond…

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