Image of Era game box and strawberry tart
Board Game Brunch: Era game box and strawberry tart

This week we took a step back in time to the Medieval Ages with Era: Medieval Age, by Matt Leacock and a Medieval Strawberry Tart.

The Game…Era: Medieval Age

Image is of Era: Medieval Age Game Box
Board Game Brunch: Image is of Era: Medieval Age Game Box

Era: Medieval Age is a roll and build game where players roll dice representing the four classes of medieval society in an attempt to build the most prosperous medieval city. Since play is pretty much simultaneous, playing at 2 or 4 takes the same amount of time and gives a very similar experience. I’m not a huge fan of roll-and-write games, mainly because I do not care for the ‘write’ part of it. This is different. In Era: Medieval Age, you have physical components and are watching a model town come to life.

Image is of Game Set-Up for Era: Medieval Age
Board Game Brunch: Game Set-Up for Era: Medieval Age

For our game, we played Scenario 2 of the Rivers and Roads expansion. Consey has also pained up the boards so they are easier to read. The game plays quick and you can choose to focus on designing the Medieval town of your dreams or play strictly for the best points. (In an ideal game, your dream town also has the most points.) The scores were close, with the board on the left (image below) eeking out a win. Our towns looked very different, but we had fun, even those of us that came in last.

Image is of ending board
Board Game Brunch: Era: Medieval Age End Game

The Food….Medieval Strawberry Tart

Image of components for Medieval Strawberry Tart
Board Game Brunch: Components for Medieval Strawberry Tart

I found a recipe for a Medieval Strawberry Tart on The Endless Meal website. This recipe intrigued me with the fresh thyme worked into the crust. Not to difficult to make, but definitely takes some planning. You need to make the lemon curd and let it chill, let the dough chill, and also let the filling sit for a bit. All this before assembling and baking. But it’s worth it. Tastes delicious with a nice cup of coffee.

Image is of Medieval Strawberry Tart in Oven
Board Game Brunch: Medieval Strawberry Tart in Oven

And Beyond…

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