Board Game Brunch this week saw Consey and me trying to transform for fun. We found a new planet to live on and turned ingredients into a delicious meal.

The Game…Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown, published by Adam’s Apple Games, is a recent Kickstarter arrival at our house. We greatly enjoy all of the Adam’s Apple games we have had the pleasure of playing. This one was no different.

In Planet Unknown, you are working to develop and colonize a planet better than the other corporations. This is a polyomino tile laying game with a unique rotating space station holding your tile choices.

This was our first play through of the physical copy. I went for maximizing my Rover ability and Consey focused on the water track. End game was very close with me squeaking out a 4 point win. Definitely a game we are looking forward to playing again and trying out different corporations and planets.

The Food…Stuffed Shells

For food we transformed some hard, plain pasta shells into a delicious stuffed pasta bake. We even had mushrooms sprouting out of the pasta, looking a bit like the civilization domes from the game. We loosely followed the recipe from Will Cook for Smiles.

And Beyond…

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