Conesy returns this week to join me for Board Game Brunch. Seeing as it is Thanksgiving weekend, we chose to play Village and eat a thanksgiving dinner brunch.

The Game…Village

In this game, you play generations of a family trying to win prestige in this growing village. Multiple areas of the board have cubes you take from and then can take the associated action. Many actions push time forward on you families farm. every so often, family members pass away and are either remembered by placement in the graveyard or village chronicle.

Planning out your moves is important in this game. Cubes at each location are limited, thus limited the number of times it can be visited each round. Several times I did not optimized the order in which i visited locations, leaving me lacking family members early on. Consey did a much better job and came out the clear victor in today’s game.

The Food…Thanksgiving Dinner

In the board game, generations are needed to build a thriving village. It seemed only fitting that we ate some of our leftover Thanksgiving meal that had generations of our family coming together to prepare.

Our Thanksgiving dinner favorites are cranberry stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, canned cranberry sauce, and of course…Pumpkin Pie!

And Beyond…

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