With Consey out of town at a BMG Tournament, I am flying solo for board game brunch. I decided this was the perfect time to break out one of my games designed for solo play and have a no fuss breakfast with the dog.

I pulled got my self a dirty chai and breakfast at my favorite local coffee shop, Twisted Grounds that I enjoyed while playing Proving Grounds.

The Game…Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds, published by Renegade Games, plays out the battle in a short story. The protagonist much prove her innocence and reclaim her birthright after the death of her mother. You battle a circle of foes in the proving grounds arena through rolling dice

Before your first play, I highly recommend reading the accompanying story and working your way through each of the 6 modules. Once you have done so, you can adjust the difficulty and play experience by combining modules. for todays play through, I combined module 1 and module 3.

It took awhile, but I was able to defeat 8 opponents and end as victor!

The Food…Twisted Grounds Breakfast

While Twisted Grounds is within walking distance, today was a bit too chilly to manage the mile hike. But Orla and I wanted to have a relaxing morning and did one of her favorite things and drove to the coffee shop.

We enjoyed a dirty chai, the right balance between coffee and chai spice, with a nice slice egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich with a salad. No eggs are complete for me without hot sauce. Since I was eating at home, I added a liberal dose of my favorite Mandy’s hot sauce. Yum!

And Beyond….

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