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Episode 91.5: AdeptiCon 2022

In Episode 91.5 of the WiscoDice podcast, Consey and the Stark Raving Mad One review their recent AdeptiCon experience. Adepticon is one of the largest tabletop miniature wargaming events held in the Chicagoland area (Schaumburg) every year. Adepticon takes place over 4 days of gaming with a huge emphasis on games like Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and other games.

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Episode Show Notes

Bolt Action Doubles ………….. 1:55

  • Brian’s List ……………… 6:58
  • Conesy’s List …………… 9:50
  • Round 1 …………………. 14:16
  • Round 2 ………………… 19:57
  • Round 3 ……………….. 26:07

Batman Miniature Game – Battle for the Cowl……. 34:45

  • Lists …………………….. 34:45
  • Round 1 ……………….. 42:27
  • Round 2 ……………….. 51:05
  • Round 3 ……………….. 1:00:57
  • Round 4 ……………….. 1:08:31

Download the Episode Here!

Scenes From AdeptiCon 2022

Bolt Action from Warlord Games

Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models

Download the Episode Here!

Games Featured in this Episode

Beyond the Show

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Board Game Brunch: Mixing Up Potions for Extra Life

This week’s Board Game Brunch had us finishing up our Extra Life 2021 Campaign by mixing up some potions. We played Potion Explosion on Board Game Arena and ate Bubbling BLT Dip with a Color Changing Cocktail.

Board Game Brunch: Tiny Creations at GameholeCon

Board Game Brunch at Gamehole Con - 1
Board Game Brunch at Gamehole Con

This week was 4 days of gaming fun in Madison, Wisconsin at Gamehole Con! The convention features a plethora of tabletop gaming events, including role-playing, board games, and miniature gaming. WiscoDice had a blast running many games each day of the convention. We topped off the gaming marathon with our weekly Board Game Brunch, featuring Tiny Towns.

The Game…Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns Box
Tiny Towns Box

Tiny Towns by AEG features simultaneous play as you compete to create a town that has the highest scoring building combos. For most of the game, all players are placing the same colored cubes each turn, but the placement in the town grid and which buildings are constructed will vary.

Tiny Towns Components
Tiny Towns Components
In Game Play - 4
In Game Play – 4
Muffins and Components
Muffins and Components
In Game Play - 6
In Game Play – 6
In Game Play - 3
In Game Play – 3
In Game Play - 1
In Game Play – 1
In Game Play - 2
In Game Play – 2
In Game Play - 5
In Game Play – 5
Tiny Towns Score Sheets
Tiny Towns Score Sheets

Today we were able to play in person with some of our WiscoDice fans. The game is quick and we were able to get multiple plays in with 6 players. Each player had their own strategy that was often times inadvertently thwarted by others choosing colors that did not fit in their plan.

The Food…Mini Muffins

We worked up quite the appetite with all the construction. With convention rules, we we not able to bring food in to eat. Instead we provided some mini muffin packs for everyone to enjoy after the game. Since it was a local gaming convention, we enjoyed the muffins with a mocha from Just Coffee.

Tiny Towns Breakfast
Tiny Towns Breakfast

And Beyond…

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Kickstart Monday: Going Beyond the Void with Mythical Winds

And Beyond…

Looking for other Board Game Brunch Games and Food Parings? Check them out here: Have a game or food you would like to see paired for an upcoming Board Game Brunch? Let us know via social media.

Interested in more from WiscoDice, then check out some of these great posts!

Extra Life 2021: Forgotten Waters

Extra Life Game Day 2021
Extra Life Game Day 2021

Event Description

As part of the WiscoDice support of Extra Life, we are hosting a streamed play of Forgotten Waters on Saturday, November 6 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm! 

Forgotten Waters by PlaidHat Games, is an exciting, semi-cooperative game where you and your party play as pirates. Can you be the most infamous? Can you build your pirate to be successful? Can you avoid stealing from your party long enough to help them not get killed?  Ok, maybe it is a bit silly. Maybe it is a bit… off, but the point is, it is a lot of fun!

Preparing for the Game

This is a multimedia driven game. It will be set up with multiple components. If you want to play, make sure you have completed the following before the game:

  1. If you can, donate to our Extra Life campaign! It will help support kids and frankly, guarantees you a slot in the game.
  2. Sign up for the event by emailing [email protected] . Include your Discord user name
  3. Join the WiscoDice Discord Server. You will need access to Discord to hear the game and participate.  
  4. A camera is NOT necessary, but seeing your other fellow pirates can add to the experience.
  5. You will need to be able to open multiple applications and stream, plan your computer hardware appropriately.
  6. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, go to 
    • From the site, select Extra Ship/Player Sheets
      • This will take you to a different site.  In the upper right hand corner click the “Replacement Player Sheets”.
    • Select a pirate archetype that sounds interesting. Ideally we’ll have different pirates for each player, so picking a few is ideal.
    • Print off the two pages for the pirate(s) you selected.
    • Prior to the game day, fill out the blanks that do not require a player’s name. 
  7. Create an appropriate pirate name.  

On Game Day

We will create the game. To do this, we will be joining the game on a different site.  

  1. Ensure you are on the WiscoDice Table-1-text and Table 1 – voice channels
    • If you do not see Table 1 when you join, contact an admin for access
  2. From your smartphone, tablet, or computer, go to 
    • On the day of our event, select Play Now.
  3. The scenario we will be playing is Witch’s Heart
    • We will attempt to stream the audio through Discord, so you can listen to the wonderful audio on game day. If that doesn’t work, will let you listen to the audio.
  4. To connect to the remote app, go to the following site:
    • Select Join Game.
    • Enter the code provided by the event coordinator, GhostwalkerCRL, in the Discord channel
    • If you want to check it out ahead of time, there is a link for a How To Guide on the site, that will teach you how to use the interface.
  5. We will take a break during the game. There is usually a natural break built into the middle of the game. 
  6. Prepare for fun!

Additional Information

Most of all, WiscoDice looks forward to seeing you online and thank you for helping to make this Extra Life Campaign Event a wonderful experience for everyone!

If you are interested in participating in this Forgotten Waters Event or any of the other games we are hosting as part of our Extra Life Campaign 2021 check out the following for more information:

Extra Life 2021 – D&D One Off The Darktides Night

For those of you considering participating in the Dungeons and Dragons One Off session here are all of the details. I want to say I am extremely excited to be running this game and am really looking forward to what kind of craziness will be explored.

Make sure you check out all of the details and donate to our Extra Life Campaign.

Event Description

Step into the world of Zyathé. Discover a haunted tree house and uncover a mystery that will surely chill you to the bone. Darktide’s Night is an evening when the spirits cross more easily into the material plane. It is best to stay indoors, whispered prayers to your deities on your lips, and protections at your doors.


We will be using pre-generated 2nd level characters. Each character will have a unique backstory and character traits to aid with roleplaying. At the start of session I will provide a link to the character sheets and each player will be able to select a character. If two players select the same character and can’t resolve who get will play the character, then I will roll a dice to determine.

Primary Rule

Have fun, but not at the expense of others. I see my job as the DM is to facilitate all of the players into having a good time. I hope you can bring the same attitude to the game.

Dice and Dice Rolls

I am using a trust system. Roll real dice, tell me what you rolled. Stay honest. This is a one off and it’s about the experience and the environments you will explore. Cheating at a few dice rolls won’t provide you any real significant challenge and a few failures ultimately are better for the story as a whole.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in participating in this Dungeons and Dragons game or any of the other games we are hosting as part of our Extra Life 2021 effort check out the following for more information:

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