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Your source for reviews of various board games, game play information, or even strategy tips then this is the right place. This is where you will find coverage of all things board games. Whether it’s a meaty Euro game, fun party game, or an Ameritrash adventure game we play as many as we can and tell you about them here.

WiscoDice does coverage of board games via their audio podcasts on the main podcast or on Conesy’s Diary, via blog articles, or on our YouTube channel.

Board Game Brunch: Destroying the Land of Godzilla

For Board Game Brunch this week we took a trip to the land of Godzilla. We played Kaiju Crush and enjoyed sushi from our local restaurant.

Board Game Brunch: Taking a Trip to the Land of Godzilla

Board Game Brunch: Playing in the Dirt

For Board Game Brunch this week we were playing in the dirt with Succulent from Renegade Game Studios and Dirt Cups. Come dig in the ground with us and explore this combination.

image is of Succulent game box, 4 dirt cup desserts and some succulent plants
Board Game Brunch: Succulent with dirt cups

Episode 83: The Cold North Awaits – Embarking on a New D&D Adventure

In Episode 83: The Cold North Awaits, we join the hosts as they embark on the Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden D&D campaign. Join Ben (The Conesy with the Most), Brian (The Stark Raving Mad One), Justin (The Meeple’s Champion), Matt (The Ghostwalker), and Suzanne and find out how the campaign gets started.

image of Icewind Dale book cover
Episode 83: Icewind Dale – Rime of the Frostmaiden

Download the Episode Here

Board Game Brunch: Stepping Back in Time with Era: Medieval Age and a Strawberry Tart

Image of Era game box and strawberry tart
Board Game Brunch: Era game box and strawberry tart

This week we took a step back in time to the Medieval Ages with Era: Medieval Age, by Matt Leacock and a Medieval Strawberry Tart.

Board Game Brunch: Playing and Eating Like Kids with Fort and Breakfast Pizza

Image of Board Game Fort with Breakfast Pizza, Coffee, and Orange Juice
Board Game Bunch: Fort with Breakfast Pizza, Coffee, and Orange Juice

For this week’s board game brunch, we took our played and ate like kids with Fort and breakfast pizza.

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