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Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures game by Atomic Mass Games and distributed by Asmodee

Hobby Update 11/2/2020

Harley Quinn
Back to Gotham Set

It’s been a busy and hectic couple of weeks, but when it’s busy you just have to keep that paint brush working. That means I have a few projects finished to share. Most of the work I have been doing is really focused on super heroes for the Batman Miniature Game by Knight Models and Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games.

Harley Quinn was the most recent project. She’s one of the most dynamic posed models I have for the Batman Miniature Game. I love the scenic base and I feel it adds so much character to the model. I didn’t have much direction when I started this model. I focused initially on the bottom elements of the figure and worked my way slowly up the model filling in colors and slowly working up the highlights. As I finished the model I wanted the eye to have two focal points. The first, and primary, was going to be Harley’s hair and face. I think this area of bright color on what is otherwise a darker shaded model really makes this an instant place your eye is drawn. As the eye works it’s way down the model the second focal point comes into play with the stone clown face having just enough color and lighter shading to stand out on the base.

Game Review: Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games is a table top miniature game using the Marvel comic books for inspiration. With the huge success of the property and the long lived nature of the Marvel Comic Universe there is tons of content for everyone. Especially with the success of Marvel at the movie theater many of these characters are becoming household names and are growing in increased popularity. For us miniature gamers, who doesn’t want to put characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Punisher on the table?

With ever growing choice in the miniature gaming hobby though does this game pan out as something worth buying or should you pass on it?

Captain Marvel – Street Base

It’s time to put those finishing touches on this model that I have been working on so diligently. All of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol models come on sculpted city street bases (well, except Thanos and probably some other stuff in the future). These are pretty cool to include and I have decided to use them for all of my figures for this game.

Captain Marvel Yellows

Yellow is a dreaded color by many hobbyists. However, I feel like this is a color I do fairly well. On the Captain Marvel model there are two different tones of yellow that I will actually do. First, there is the blonde hair color that I want to have distinctly different than the the yellow bits around her costume. Both tones will start out much the same, but then I will deviate in shades of yellow for the hair vs costume bits.

Captain Marvel Face Painting

Continuing on this series of painting Captain Marvel, it’s on to the painting her face. For Captain Marvel, again I wanted warm tones to convey the plasma energy that she can manifest as part of her super powers. To do that I am going to work with warmer skin tone colors and utilize a slightly different set of techniques then what I have showcased when painting her blue and red portions of her suit previously.

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