FINALLY…I posted my ghouls to the blog!


In case you missed hearing it mentioned one of the numerous times on the show over the past year or so this is Brian following up with the painting guide for my ghouls.  This is the second unit I have ever worked on after getting my hands on the How to Paint Citadel Models book so long ago.  The step-by-step pictures in that book really worked to get me started painting. The technique is a really simple process of base coat, wash, layer, and highlighting easy for any beginner to pick up.  While the models don’t end up anything golden daemon worthy, the technique results in a very good tabletop quality or I’ve been told even slightly above that.  Most importantly I am happy with how they look and am proud when I put them on the tabletop.  While this won’t be interesting or impressive to the seasoned painter I hope any beginners or people skeptical of their skill find this inspiring to get paint on their models.