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Terrain hobby articles, techniques, and tips are all shared. The hosts over the years have worked on and made more terrain and we share what’s worked and what’s not as we continue to explore and make new projects.

Ra’Menaptra – Tomb King Display Board

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So, thought ol’ Conesy was done with Tomb Kings, well think again. Back when I started the Tomb King army and ended up with the deal to purchase what is the bulk of my collection today I wanted to do something that looked more authentic, more dynamic and had some basing concepts for more unique and deeply edged in real life egypt. This article on the Flames of War website, Flames of War Desert Basing was the inspiration for that basing. When I had the basing down and had a few models done, I thought it would be great to really pull together a mountainous terrain display board some day for this army.

Researching for possible mountainous tombs that were actually used by the ancient Egyptians, I kept coming back to the idea of Petra. If you don’t know about Petra, then take a quick Google image search. It’s been used in several major motion pictures as well, so it’s pretty recognizable and dates back to the ancient world. One of the pictures of Petra that I found really captures what I thought would look cool and work well with my army.

So, How Do I Make a Forest Stand?

This is our second episode in our How to make terrain series. Conesy goes into describing steps to make a forest stand. Don’t worry, there is a lot more here then just talking about cutting a board and putting some flock on it! While a fairly basic project at face value, this video takes you more into the little details that help take your terrain piece from just a basic piece to something that really starts to pop and come to life on the wargame table.

Go check out and enjoy our latest You Tube video:

So How Do I make a Forest Stand?

If you like this, check out this other article on making Forests.

So, What Do I Need to Make Terrain?

I have had a number of comments and questions recently about terrain manufacturing and what you need to get started. Let me state that I enjoy making terrain as much if not more then I like painting minatures or even possibly playing a game. There is something just wholesome about making a terrain project in my mind that is just special. After all, unlike a miniature, a good terrain project is something that is unique and completely your own. Sure, there are molds out there and kits like the Games-Workshop ones (which are really cool I might add and I have a bunch of them in my collection as well), but if you want something special to play on then you need to be able to make it yourself.

Terrain can add huge flavor and fluff aspects to your games. Perhaps your playing your dwarfs and want to fight a battles where your dwarfs are defending their hold. Another idea could, could be that you feel your empire Arch Lector wants to take the battle to chaos and your battles take place in the far northern mutated chaos wastes. Making your own terrain can add so much to your games.

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